Successful Wrestling in Gymnasium

The first wrestling exhibition under the auspices of the Harvard Wrestling Association was held in the Hemenway Gymnasium last evening. The six bouts were exciting and closely contested, only five falls out of a possible fourteen being obtained. The most spectacular match was that between. L. B. Parks 1L, and C. G. Anderson, Olympic middle-weight champion and instructor in wrestling at the Swedish Gymnasium in Boston. Throughout the ten scheduled minutes, neither had any marked advantage, and at the end of that time the bout was called a draw. In the bantam-weight match for one fall between F. H. Cooke '10 and T. T. Mora-Rodriguez '12, the latter won in five minutes.

P. Withington '10, amateur heavyweight champion of New England, refereed the bouts, and L. Withington '11 acted as time-keeper. The men who took part in the exhibition have been for some time under the tutelage of Mr. Anderson and all showed the result of their instruction.

The bouts were as follows:

Bantam-weight--T. T. Mora-Rodriguez '12 defeated F. H. Cooke '10, by one draw and one fall.

Light-weight--R. I. Case '11 defeated T. L. Cooper 1L. by one draw and one fall.


Welter--weight--G. D. Osgood '12 defeated S. B. Warner '12, by one draw and one fall.

Middle--weight--R. M. Page '10 drew with K. Nelson, Swedish Gymnasium, Boston.

Light heavy-weight--C. S. Davis uC. defeated O. McAllister '11, by two falls.

Heavy-weight--L. B. Parks 1L. drew with C. G. Anderson, Swedish Gymnasium, Boston.