University Team Defeated Brae Burn in Well-Played Match.--Score, 12 to 3.

The University hockey team played the first game of the season last evening with the Brae Burn team at the Brae Burn Country Club, West Newton. This game was not on the schedule but was played in order to accustom the men to artificial light. The combination of forwards used for the first time Monday afternoon proved very effective. Leslie has been put at left end and Gardner moved to right centre. This enables Hicks and Gardner to work together, which they did last evening, totalling together eight of the twelve goals scored by the University team. Brae Burn was able to score only three times, chiefly owing to the quick following back of the forwards and the work of Huntington at point.

From the very beginning of play the University forwards kept the puck in their opponents' territory and were able to break through the Brae Burn forwards without any difficulty. The opposing defence, however, was fairly strong and the game soon resolved itself into a struggle between the University forwards and the Brae Burn defence. Hicks and Gardner worked exceptionally well together, and Hornblower was very fast, often carrying the Puck the length of the boards and clear of the opposing forwards.

In the second half several substitutes were put in and the game became more even. Toward the latter part of the game the University defence had more to do but proved almost impregnable to the Brae Burn forwards. Of the many candidates tried at goal Smart seemed the most effective. The position of cover-point has yet to be filled as well as that of goal.

The line-up was as follows: HARVARD.  BRAE BURN. Leslie, Kirkland, Duncan, Rice, FraserCampbell, l.e.  r.e., Paine, Whiteman Hicks, Wigglesworth, l.c.  r.c., Knowles, Perry Gardner, Blackall, r.c.  l.c., P. MacKay, Foote Hornblower, Whidden, r.e.  l.e., M. MacKay, Bullivant Houston, Blackall, c.p.  c.p., Mason, Whiteman

Huntington, Paul, p. p., W.Bray, Grafton Fahnestock, Browne, Smart, g. g., Bray


Score--Harvard, 12; Brae Burn, 3. Goals--Gardner 5, Hicks 3, Blackall, Duncan, Foote, Fraser-Campbell, Hornblower, Knowles, MacKay. Referee--Brett. Timekeeper--Quinn. Time--30 and 20-minute halves.

Practice was held yesterday afternoon for the first time in the rinks in the Stadium. Although the ice was not in perfect condition, the second team played a scrub game with the Freshmen. No score was kept. The rinks were flooded last night and all men on the squad who will not leave. Cambridge before 6 o'clock today are expected to report in the Stadium for practice this afternoon at 3 o'clock.

Practice Games in New York.

During the recess, the members of the University hockey squad, playing as a scrub team, will hold a series of three games with teams of the New York Amateur Hockey League at the St. Nicholas Rink, New York City.

As a result of a temporary cut in the squad announced by Coach Winsor '02, yesterday, the following twenty men have been asked to report in New York on Monday, December 27: forwards--Duncan, Fraser-Campbell, Gardner, Hicks, Hornblower, Kirkland, Leslie, Rice, Whidden, Wigglesworth; coverpoints--G. G. Browne, Foster, Houston; points--Blackall, Huntington, Paul; goals--C. N. Browne; Chadwick, Fahnestock, Smart. At 12.30 o'clock a short practice will be held at the St. Nicholas Rink. In the evening at 7.20 o'clock a game will be played with the St. Nicholas Rink team. On Tuesday the mid-day practice will be held at the same hour, and in the evening the second game of the series will be played with the Crescent Athletic Club at 7.20 o'clock. On Wednesday, December 29, the squad will not report until 7.20 P. M., when the final game will be played with the New York Hockey Club.

As the games are arranged merely as practice contests, several men will be tried out for the different positions each evening. The squad will disband after the game on Wednesday evening