$150,000 Given By Adolphus Busch.--Total Amount of Fund $190,000.

Professor Kuno Francke, Curator of the Germanic Museum, has received from Mr. Adolphus Busch of St. Louis a cheque for $150,000 in fulfillment of Mr. Busch's message cabled to President Lowell on Commencement Day last June offering that sum toward the proposed new building for the Germanic Museum.

Mr. Busch's letter of gift to Professor Francke follows:

"My dear Professor:

"As it has been decided to start with the building for the Germanic Museum without delay, I take great pleasure in sending you enclosed my cheque for $150,000, the amount of my subscription to the Museum Fund of same.

"This Museum has been a link in a long chain of manifestations of friendliness between Germany and America. The German Emperor, the King of Saxony, the Prince Regent of Bavaria, German City Governments and a number of American friends of German culture have generously helped its cause.


"I trust this Museum will stand as a monument for what Germany has contributed to the culture of the world, and that it will be a permanent symbol of the friendship between America and the old Fatherland. As an American of German descent, I am proud to be able to assist in this worthy cause. Very cordially yours.   ADOLPHUS BUSCH.

In his letter acknowledging Mr. Busch's gift, Professor Francke announces that the gift of $150,000 will make it possible to erect the central portion of the proposed new building, which will help greatly in housing the rich gifts received from Germany.

The total amount subscribed towards the new Museum building so far is $190,000. Of this amount, $30,000 is the present total of the "Emperor William Fund" which was started several years ago, and $10,000 the result of Maude Adams' presentation of "Joan of Arc" in the Stadium last June.

As yet, no definite place for the new building has been selected. It is the intention of those interested to have the plans drawn up by native architects in Germany.