List of Courses to be Submitted at End of Freshman Year.

The first step assuring the modifications of the elective system which have been under discussion for some time, was taken yesterday when the Governing Boards of the University supported President Lowell by approving his plans. The changes, which are not radical, but follow along the lines laid down in the inaugural address, are embodied in the paragraphs below, officially announced for the first time.

At its meeting yesterday the Board of Overseers also concurred with the Corporation in approving the establishment of Freshman dormitories.

The wording of the votes adopted by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at its meeting on October 26, 1909, and passed by the Board of Overseers yesterday, is as follows:


"1. That a standing committee of nine, of which the President shall be chairman, be appointed from the Faculty, with power to associate with itself a large number of advisers for students.


"2. That the committee prepare general rules for the choice of electives, to be approved by the Faculty, based upon the principle that a student must take a considerable amount of work in some one field, and that the rest of his courses must be well distributed.

"3. That at the end of his first year in College each student be required to present to his adviser a plan of study for the remainder of his College course; and that the plan must conform to the general principles laid down by the committee, unless the committee is satisfied that the student is earnest and has sufficient grounds for departing from those principles.

"4. That a student's plan be subsequently changed only for a cause satisfactory to the committee."