In Place of Severance, Resigned.--University and 1912 Rowing Starts.

The resignation of W. R. Severance '09 as captain of the University crew, which has been rumored for some time past, was received by telephone from New Bedford, and was definitely announced yesterday at a special meeting called by J. Richardson, Jr., '08, captain of last year's crew. Elliott Carr Cutler '09, of Brookline, was elected permanent captain in his place.

The resignation of Captain Severance was occasioned by his serious illness, which, though it may not prevent his joining the crew later, would have incapacitated him for the duties of active captain during the major part of the season.

Cutler prepared for College at Volkmann's School, where he was a member of the crew for two years. He was a member of his Freshman eight, but was prevented by illness from taking part in the race at New London. In his Sophomore year he was a member of the Weld graded crew, and was taken up to the University squad as a result of the race. Last year he was a regular member of the four-oar and was placed at 2 in the University eight when Fish left the boat.


Although Captain Severance's resignation must be a severe blow to Harvard's rowing prospects, it does not deprive the future of all promise. There seems still a slight possibility that he will be in condition to row later in the season, but even without him there will be back in College and eligible to row six members of last year's eight. Three members of last year's four-oar, P. Ellis '09, F. A. Reece '09, and P. Withington '09, are eligible again this year, and in addition there is available material from last year's Freshman squad, the most promising among whom seem to be R. W. Cutler, R. F. Hooper, and P. Withington.

University and Freshman Rowing.

Candidates for both University and Freshman crews will be called out this afternoon. The following men will constitute the University squad and will be expected to report at the Newell boathouse promptly at 4 o'clock: E. C. Bacon '10, A. Beane '11, E. C. Cutler '09, J. W. Cutler '09, R. W. Cutler '11, E. S. Eaton '11, R. Ellis '09, R. M. Faulkner '09, H. Forster '11, E. F. Hanfstaengl '09, E. Harding '11, R. F. Hooper '11, R. S. Jowett '11, C. Loring '10, L. K. Lunt '09, C. McLeod '10, S. W. Marvin '10, F. R. Maxwell '10, M. E. Peabody '11, F. A. Reece '09, M. H. Richardson '09, S. O. Richardson '11, S. A. Sargent '10, J. Shilitto '11, P. D. Smith '11, J. E. Waid '10, J. Waite '11, R. Whitney '11, L. Withington '11, P. Withington '09, P. Wyman '10. They will be expected to bring rowing clothes, and be provided with shoes for running.

All men, irrespective of previous experience, who wish to try for the Freshman crews, should report at the Newell boathouse at 3 o'clock or as soon after as possible.