Junior Dance Program

The 1910 Union Dance Committee has announced the following musical program for the Junior Dance:

1. Waltz, "Espana."

2. Two-Step, "Up the Street."

3. Waltz, "Sounds from the Vienna Woods."

4. Waltz, "Santiago."

5. Two-Step, "Rainbow."

6. Waltz, "Roses from the South."

7. Waltz, "Eternelle Ivresse."

8. Barn Dance, Kerry Mills'.

9. Waltz, "Swing Song."

10. Waltz, "Yip-I-Addy-I-Ay."

11. Two-Step, "La Petite Tonkinoise."

12. Waltz, "Wein Weib Gesang."

13. Supper.

14. Waltz, "Wedding Dance Waltz."