Shows Improvement in University and 1912 Squads.--Training Begun.

Starting last Monday, the entire University crew squad went into strict training for the rest of the season. If conditions are favorable, there will be a race the latter part of next week between the three eights new composing the squad, after which some of the men will be dropped to the various class crews. It is expected that the training table will be started shortly after this race.

During the early part of this week the launches, John Harvard and Veritas, were put into commission, thus enabling Coach Wray to get a better insight into the work of the men when rowing in long stretches. On Monday and Tuesday the work of the University crew was rather poor, but since Wednesday, there has been a decided brace, the men getting nearer the clean, hard catch, and long finish, which Coach Wray has emphasized so much. Sargent at stroke, is rapidly regaining his rhythm.

In the second boat there was a change at the beginning of the week, P. Withington going from 5 to 7 on Monday. Smith who had been rowing 7 regularly took his place at 5. The second boat is a well-balanced eight, far more advanced than that of last year at this time.

The orders are as follows:

University crew-Stroke, Sargent; 7, Waid; 6, R. Cutler; 5, L. Withington; 4, Bacon; 3, Faulkner; 2, Lunt; bow, E. Cutler; cox., Blagden.


Second crew--Stroke, Richardson; 7, P. Withington; 6, Hooper; 5, Smith; 4, Waite; 3, Whitney, Marvin; 2, Forster; bow, Ellis; cox., King.

The Freshman eight has shown a marked development with this week's work. The first crew has been able to keep a fairly consistent order with the result that the boat is moving along better, and the early crudeness is being dropped. Newton at stroke and Strong at 6 seem to have been changes for the better. In the rest of the squad, with the possible exception of the second Freshman, there have been such repeated changes that the men are as yet more or less of an unknown quantity.

The orders of the crews during the past week have been as follows.

Freshman crew--Stroke, Newton; 7, Metcalf; 6, Strong; 5, Higginson; 4, Smith; 3, Weston; 2, Richardson; bow, Wiggins; cox., Voorhees.

Second Freshman--Stroke, Trumbull; 7, Anderson; 6, Amory; 5, McCabe; 4, Leslie; 3, Frothingham; 2, Parker; bow, Smart; cox., Faxon.