Number of Men Reduced to 36.--Review of Past Four Weeks' Work.

The third cut in the Freshman base-ball squad was made yesterday. The following 36 men were retained, and they should report in the Cage at 4 o'clock: Baker, Blackall, Blake, Blodgett, I. Bolton, N. Bolton, Candee, Childs, Clifford, Conant, Curtiss, Cutting, Daly, Davidson, Desha, Ernst, Flint, Gibson, Hanks, Hallowell, Hardon, Kelly, Kennedy, Knowles, McLean, Potter, Robbins Sjostrom, Tobey, Weinberg, Wigglesworth, Wightman, de Windt, Winston, Woodward, Young.

The Freshman squad has been practicing regularly in the Cage for the past four weeks. When the men were called out, about 60 candidates reported to Coach C. D. Moss '09. On account of the size of the squad, fielding practice was the only work that could be done for the first two weeks. After the first cut batting practice began, as well as fielding to first base. G. Ware '08 has assisted Coach Moss in handling the squad, and under their direction a very decided improvement has been made. Practice in sliding bases has been given on certain days in order to break the regular routine.

The material is unusually good and is developing rapidly. Two pitchers, Babson and Campbell, and two catchers, Howe and Reeves, have been kept at work with the University squad, in order that they may get the benefit of coaching by more experienced men. Only one day of out-door practice has been held as yet, but it is expected that regular out-door work will begin in the near future.