Program of Annual Pierian Concert

The annual spring concert of the Pierian Sodality Orchestra will take place on April 14 in Sanders Theatre. An unusual program has been arranged, which is made up entirely of ancient music. The harpsichord and clavier parts will be played upon a pianoforte, so constructed as to combine the tone of the ancient pianoforte with the advantages which modern acoustical studies have made possible. Mr. Dolmetsch, who is an eminent authority on ancient music, has taken personal interest in the preparation of the program. The flute concerto, supposed to be by Christian Bach, was discovered in manuscript but a short time ago and is now in the possession of Mr. George B. Weston '97; it has never been publicly performed.

The complete program is as follows:

Mozart--Symphony no. 40 in G minor.

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach--Allegro fugato from concerto in C. minor for harpsichord and strings. Soloist to be announced.

Christian Bach--Largo from concerto for flute and strings. First performance. W. W. Parshley '09.


Johann Sebastian Bach--Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue for Clavier. P. G. Clapp '09.

Haendel--Concerto Grosso, op. 6, no. 9, for two solo violins, one solo violoncello, and string orchestra. J. J. Demolins 1G., A. A. Shapira '10, and C. P. Poore '99.

Tickets to the concert may be secured from W. G. Renwick, 22 Bromley Court, Cambridge, at $1.50 and $1.