Athletic Committee Authorizations

At a meeting of the Athletic Committee yesterday the following appointments were approved: S. H. Bowles '12 as assistant manager of the Freshman baseball team; R. Lowell '12 and C. Amory '12 as manager and assistant manager respectively of the Freshman crew. The other managers brought up for approval have been referred to the Student Council. Permission was given the winner of the upper-class crews to race Worcester High School on Lake Quinsigamond. It was voted that the rifle team should not be allowed to compete in the national tournament.

The following Freshman baseball schedule was accepted:

May 5--Milton Academy.

May 8--Exeter.

May 11--Pomfret at Pomfret.


May 15--Hotchkiss at Lakeville, Ct.

May 19--Andover at Andover.

May 22--Brown 1912.

May 25--Yale 1912 at New Haven.

May 29--Cornell 1912.

June 2--St. George's at Newport.

June 5--Yale 1912 at Cambridge.

A cup for the 220-yard dash, offered by L. P. Dodge '08, was accepted with thanks.