Changes in Class Crews Yesterday

Many important changes took place in the orders of the class crews yesterday afternoon when new men and those dropped from the University squad reported for the first time.

In the Senior boat there was a general shake-up, O. Wood '09, who reported for the first time yesterday, going in at No. 3. The crew seemed to improve greatly with the new order. A second crew was sent out for the first time. The second Junior crew tried a few brushes with the first crew and held their own, showing the best form of all the second class crews. Coach Brown went out as coxswain in the first Junior and Senior crews. In the Sophomore crew Beane and Jowett went in at Nos. 5 and 7 respectively, necessitating a general shakeup, which was for the better.

The orders of the crews as they rowed yesterday are as follows:

Senior crew--Stroke, Williams; 7, Richards; 6, Butler; 5, Richardson; 4, Haines; 3, Wood; 2, Tabor; bow, Vaughan; cox., Coach Brown.

Second Senior--Stroke, Kemp; 7, Morrison; 6, Turner; 5, Curtiss; 4, Barton; 3, Merriam; 2, Locke; bow, Pickering; cox., Edwards.


Junior crew--Stroke, Martin; 7, Hadden; 6, Hill; 5, Platt; 4, Frye; 3, Chapin; 2, Maxwell; bow, Morgan; cox., Coach Brown.

Second Junior--Storke, Robins; 7, Davis; 6, Meyer; 5, Henderson; 4, Cudahy; 3, Cammack; 2, Hill; bow, Hurd; cox., Atkins.

Sophomore crew--Stroke, Peabody; 7, Jowett; 6, Perkins; 5, Beane; 4, Eliot; 3, Coe; 2, Ellis; bow, Burden; cox., Everett.

Second Sophomore--Stroek, Williams; 7, Kean; 6, Beal; 5, Jackson; 4, Borst; 3, Hobart; 2, Heath; bow, Hopkins; cox., Cox.