In Gymnasium and on Holmes Field.--Trial Heats Run off Yesterday.

The finals in all events of the third annual winter track Carnival will be held in the Hemenway Gymnasium and on the board track on Holmes Field this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Cups will be awarded to the winners of first and second places in each event. No admission will be charged.

The order of events will be as follows:

Indoor events:

2.00 P. M.--High Jump. Finals.

2.00 P. M.--16-pound shot-put. Finals.

2.30 P. M.--12-pound shot-put. Finals.

Out-door events:

2.00 P. M.--40-yard dash. Semi-finals and finals.

2.20 P. M.--260-yard run. Semi-finals.

2.40 P. M.--45-yard high hurdles, handicap. Trials and finals.

3.00 P. M.--2-mile cross-country run, handicap.

3.20 P. M.--Half-mile run. Finals.

3.40 P. M.--45-yard low hurdles. Semi-finals and finals.

4.00 P. M.--260-yard run. Finals.

4.10 P. M.--Inter-dormitory relay races.