Unsanitary Condition of Gymnasium.

[We invite all men in the University to submit communications on subjects of timely interest.]

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The University may not yet be able to construct a new gymnasium, but it should at least keep the present one decently clean. It is now filthy throughout.

The mats, the showers, the lockers and the atmosphere are all sources of just complaint. The wrestling mat is covered with stiff canvas, which will often abrade the skin. Once a man receives a cut he runs a grave risk of catching skin-diseases, for that mat has been absorbing dirt and disease germs for years. The shower room should be renovated and properly lighted. The air is always close and foul. This could be remedied by putting in a modern ventilating system, or at least opening the windows every night. Then the lockers are filthy. Clothes left in them untouched for a month or so, will be covered with dust.

I have often heard it said, and I have reason to believe that men with contagious skin-diseases use the Gymnasium. I should think that they could be prohibited from so doing. The unsanitary condition of the building at present not only endangers the men who use it, but prevents others from coming at all. 1911.