University Team Evened Score with Columbia in Last Minute of Play.

In the fourth intercollegiate game of the season, the University association football team tied Columbia on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon, 2 to 2.

Dwyer made the first goal for Columbia after 30 minutes of play. A few minutes before the end of the half a foul was called on Houston and Smith made another goal for Columbia, making the score 2 to 0. In the second half the University team played a much better game and Leland succeeded in scoring a goal after 25 minutes of play. There was no further scoring until the last minute of play when Leland made his second goal.

The summary: HARVARD.  COLUMBIA. Fahnestock, g.  g., Spencer Wendell, r.f.b.  l.f.b., Grimes Monroe, l.f.b.  r.f.b., Dwyer Lindsey, r.h.b.  l.h.b., Kistler Brooks, c.h.b.  c.h.b., Semple Houston, l.h.b.  r.h.b., Murphy Leland, r.o.f.  l.o.f., O'Brien Galatti, r.i.f.  l.i.f., Dwyer Fish, c.f.  c.f., Diez Whitney, l.o.f.  r.o.f., Billingsley Vogel, l.i.f.  r.i.f., Smith

Score--Harvard, 2; Columbia, 2. Goals--Leland 2, Dwyer, Smith. Referee--G. Fairfax-Lucy. Linesmen--C. A. Munn '11, D. Murphy. Time--45-minute halves.