English Clergyman Will Conduct Evening Service in Appleton Tomorrow.

Rev. Canon H. Hensley Henson, M.A., D.D., of Westminster Abbey, London, England, will preach in Appleton Chapel tomorrow at the regular evening service at 7.30 o'clock.

Canon Henson is an Englishman of aristocratic birth. He was educated privately and at Oxford, then was elected Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, For several years he held various offices in connection with the religious side of the college and in 1900 was made Canon of Westminster Abbey and Rector of St. Margaret's Church. As Rector of St. Margaret's Church, Canon Henson is preacher to the House of Commons, and so occupies a distinguished but peculiar position in the church. He has been very prominent in the recent controversies in England over the "open church" question, and on account of his democratic tendencies. Canon Henson has just delivered a series of lectures at Yale on the "Lyman Beecher Foundation on Preaching."

Seats on the floor will be reserved until 7.25 o'clock for members of the University and friends accompanying them. The gallery will be open to the public at 7. o'clock.