Tonight at 7.--President Eliot and Foreign Ambassadors Guests of Honor.

The annual dinner of the Harvard Cosmopolitan Club will be held this evening in the Assembly Room of the Union at 7 o'clock. President Eliot, Baron Takahira, the Japanese ambassador, and Count von Bernstorff, the German ambassador, will be the guests of honor. The dinner is distinctly a dinner for the club, and no undergraduates except the members have been invited.

As the guests arrive at the Union, they will be met by a reception committee which includes members of all the nationalities of the guests of honor. Before the dinner the guests will be escorted to the Trophy Room, where President Eliot and the two ambassadors will hold a short reception.

The Assembly Room will be decorated with the flags of all nations, and the floral decorations on the tables will be of crimson and white, emblematic of the Harvard and Cosmopolitan Club colors. Between the courses of the dinner there will be an international entertainment made up of musical and specialty numbers, given entirely by undergraduates and students in the graduate schools. Preceding the speeches, messages will be read from several ambassadors and others who were unable to accept the invitation to the dinner. As each speaker rises to respond to his toast, the members of the club will rise and sing one verse of the speaker's national song, except in the case of President Eliot, when they will sing "Fair Harvard."

Hans von Kaltenborn '09, president of the club will act as toastmaster, and will call for the following speeches:

"Germanism and Cosmopolitanism"--Professor Eugen Kuehnemann.

"Patriotism and Consmopolitanism"--Rev. Canon H. Hensley Henson.

"Peace and Education"--Baron Takahira.

"Academic Freedom"--Count von Bernstorff.

"Democratic Society and Feudal Society"--President Eliot.

The dinner will close with "America," sung by everyone present.