Second Eight Defeated in Practice Contest by Over Seven Lengths.

In a four-mile race from the Stillman Infirmary to the Union Boat Club the University crew defeated the second crew last Saturday afternoon by about seven and one-half lengths. The second crew was given a start of 10 seconds or about three lengths and was fully four and one-half lengths behind at the end of the race. No time was taken.

After rowing about 38 strokes to the minute at the start, the University crew settled down to a stroke of 32, and this pace was maintained until the finish, when the stroke was raised again to 38. It was not until after the first three bridges had been passed that Blagden was able to steer a straight course, and although the University crew had gained on the second, there was no opportunity to pass it until the bathing beach had been reached. At this point the second crew swung out wide in order to take the draw at the Cottage Farm Bridge, and the University crew took the lead at the bridge. When the boats passed under Harvard Bridge the University crew had a lead of a length and a half of open water, which was increased to three lengths a half-mile from the end. At the finish another half-length had been added to the lead.

For the first four-mile race this spring the work of the University crew seemed to be fairly good, although at times the finish was poor and the slides uneven. The crew was also inclined to shorten, and the blade work of some of the men was very erratic. The second crew rowed the last half-mile in splendid form.

The orders:

University crew--Stroke, Sargent; 7, Waid; 6, R. Cutler; 5, L. Withington; 4, Bacon; 3, Faulkner; 2, Lunt; bow, E. Cutler; cox., Blagden.


Second crew--Stroke, Richardson; 7, P. Withington; 6, Hooper; 5, Smith; 4, Waite; 3, Loring; 2, Forster; bow, Whitney; cox., King.