Tried Out in Sargent's Place.--P. Withington at 6 and Waite in Four-Oar.

Harvard Crew Quarters, Red Top, Conn., June 18, 1909.--Two very important and sudden changes were made in the order of the University crew tonight. R. W. Cutler '11 was put in at Sargent's place at stroke and P. Withington '09 was taken from 2 in the University four and put in at Cutler's place at six. Whether this change is to be permanent or not will be decided by tomorrow's rowing if the water is sufficiently calm.

For the last month Sargent's work has apparently not been satisfactory to Coach Wray. His rowing is short and in the last mile and a half of last evening's time row he was late in his work and the boat was practically stroked by Waid at 7. Sargent seems to have lost his life and the rhythmic beat which was so characteristic of his work last year. If the rowing tomorrow shows that Cutler is able to row a long high stroke and hold it for a long distance, the change in all probability will remain. Cutler's work last year as stroke of the 1911 Freshman crew marked him as an exceptionally good freshman stroke. He undoubtedly has a longer reach than Sargent, has good proportion in his stroke and is a very strong oar generally. Waite was taken from stroke in the second four and put in at Withington's place at 2 in the University four and Parker, one of the Freshman substitutes, filled Waite's seat at stroke in the second four. These further changes were made necessary as Sargent did not row in the evening but followed the work of the University eight from the "John Harvard."

The work of the crews this morning was very light as a strong northwest wind was blowing. The two eights and fours went across to the west shore and worked out over the last half-mile of the course. The University eight went over the half-mile in 2 minutes and 27 seconds, rowing about 38 for the whole distance. All the orders were regular. Although the wind still continued to blow hard and kick up rough water at the time for the evening row, the crews all had stiff work. The University eight in its new order paddled down-stream to about a quarter of a mile beyond the two-mile flag at the Navy Yard and back in easy stretches at a slow stroke. The water was so rough that the crew could not be given a good try out, but in view of the poor conditions the change seemed to work well and the boat spaced very well at 28 strokes to the minute against the wind. The Freshman eight rowed about the same distance as the University crew. The University four followed the two eights down-stream and back and the other two fours rowed about four-miles in all.

The new orders of the crews are:

University eight--Stroke, R. Cutler; 7, Waid; 6, P. Withington; 5, L. Withington; 4, Bacon; 3, Faulkner; 2, Lunt; bow, E. Cutler; cox., Blagden.


University four--Stroke, Hooper; 3, Severance; 2, Waite; bow, Whitney; cox., King.

Second four--Stroke, Parker; 3, Smith; 2, Richardson; bow, Forster; cox., Fales.