Light Work for University Team

The practice for the University football squad yesterday afternoon was very light and no hard work of any sort was attempted. Felton, Lewis Potter, L. Smith. P. Smith, and Wigglesworth were excused from reporting and Fisher, T. Frethingham, Keays, Perkins, and Leslie Watched the practice in street clothes. Wigglesworth has an attack of the jaundice and will not be in condition for at least two weeks.

After a long blackboard talk, the squad went to thee Stadium. The second team's backs were brought in and plays were directed against the ends, who were under the direction of Coach Leary, were under the direction of Coach Fish, Tryon, T. H. Frothingham, Corbett, and Minot did some punting several of the kicks covering good distance.

During the last few minutes of practice a scrub eleven ran through signals. This team line up as follows: Amory, l.e.; Hann, l.t.; Stow, l.g.; Huntington, c.; Blodgett, r.g.; Bush, r.t.; O'Flaherty, r.e.; Gardner q.b.; Corbett, l.h.b.; Campbell, r.h.b.; T. H. Frothingham, f.b.

Training Table for Second Team.

The training table for University second team will start at the Varsity Club today. The following men report for breakfast between 8 and 9 o'clock; E. S. Blodgett '12, C. L. Callendar uC., J. M. Eager '11, J. F. Foristall '13, J. G. French '12, T. A. Jenckes '13, G. G. Jones '13, J. J. Maguire '11, F. C. Paine '12, Coach R. M. Page '11.