List of Ushers for Today's Game

All ushers for the football game between Carlisle and the All-Star Law School team must report at the field at 1.30 o'clock. No usher coming after that time will be admitted. Men marked A stand at bottom of steps: men marked B at first entrance: men marked C at upper entrance: men marked D at entrance to the promenade. Section heads must become acquainted with the names of men in their sections and must report to H. MacNider at the Locker Building at 1.45 o'clock.

The following men have been appointed section heads: Sect. I. I. E. Drew: Sect. 2, R. C. Evarts: Sect. 3. P. Gifford; Sect. 4. R. W. Bennett: Sect. 5, J. R. Pratt: Sect. 6. J. B. Desha: Sect. 7. F. T. Parkers: Sect. S. H. T. Webber; Sect. 9. R. S. Thompson; Sect. 10. S. Underwood: Sect. 11. W. A. Dennis: Sect. 12. W. H. Lacey: Sect. 26. H. T. Deane; Sect. 27. H. B. Dee: Sect. 28. H. P. Lawless; Sect. 29. H. Geepper: Sect. 30. H. O. Paimer: Sect. SI S. H. Mundo; Sect. 32, S. Dewey: Sect. 33, A. L. Palmer: Sect. 34, E. Watson: Sect 35, I. C. Dow: Sect. 36. H. M. Brooks: Sect. 37, W. J. O'Connell.

Ushers have been appointed to the following positions: Carlisle side--Sect. 1, N. Golden (A), C. Conners and S. K. Gibson (B), H. C. Place (C), R. K. Terry (D); Sect. 2, A. H. Meese (A) J. R. Kister and G. Williamson (B), H. A. Mundo (C), J. Di Pesa (D); Sect. 3, A. L. Quinn (A), J. J. Hamburg and M. L. Donovan (B), F. W. Hafey (C), and F. P. Donovan (D); Sect. 4, L. E. Drew (A), D. E. Dunbar and J. E. Alcorn (B), S. T. Farquar (C), C. D. Hinley (D); Sect. 5, L. A. Mahoney (A), M. W. Cox and H. V. Tillson (B), J. A. Cummings (C), L. Goldberg (D); Sect. 6, A. C. Roberts (A), H. L. Hackes and S. F. Withe (B), P. W. Thayer (C), A. G. Rearden (D); Sect. 7, J. B. Donovan (A), H. T. Gibson and A. H. Washburn (B), E. E. Bennett (C), J. H. Perry, Jr. (D); Sect. 8, A. McDonald (A), L. S. Headley and W. H. Baldwin (B), C. C. Kimball (C), C. S. Perley (D); Sect. 9, A. H. Mahoney (A), H. E. Devereaux and C. A. McLain (B), E. M. Libbman (C), E. L. McKinney (D); Sect. 10, P. Ughetta (A), W. H. King and C. T. Webb (B), G. Boyd (C), G. W. Kimball (D); Sect. 11, H. T. Webber (A), L. B. Duff and J. Bernstein (B), G. M. Glover (C), A. S. Olmsted (D); Sect. 12, T. H. Thomas (A), W. C. Marshall and L. S. Higgins (B), R. S. Thompson (C), J. W. White (D).

Harvard side--Sect. 26, J. E. Dewey (A), J. A. Coolidge and C. S. Parker (B), P. Ver Planch (C), F. E. Smith (D); Sect. 27, N. Yamins (A), S. B. Morrison and H. F. Browne (B), L. O. Wright (C), N. Baldwin (D); Sect. 28, J. H. Shafer (A), F. E. Merrills and C. B. Lanman (B), M. L. Hallowell, Jr. (C), H. G. Smith (D); Sect. 28, G. F. Bird (A), F. B. Day and W. E. Patrick (B), W. K. Taylor (C), T. E. Alcorn (D); Sect. 29, H. A. MacLean (A), K. Kirsh and A. J. Post (B), R. C. Babson (C), H. Warren (D); Sect. 30, P. L. Cohn (A), F. J. Fallon and V. Schaeffer (B), A. H. Sanborn (C), C. Giffix (D); Sect. 31, P. H. Bunker (A), A. E. Strauss and J. M. Halle (B), H. H. Hartwell (C), H. M. Brooks (D); Sect. 32, K. P. Kempton (A), E. G. Flint, Jr., and J. H. Maclend (B), W. A. Perring (C), N. S. Cooks (D); Sect. 33, W. H. Rarber (A), S. Z. Kaplan and F. Kavolsky (B), L. Terrali (C), D. W. Pusen (D): Sect. 34. W. G. Beach (A), J. J. McClellan and J. A. Foler (B), H. C. Blanchard (C), C. M. Rogers (D); Sect. $6 G. H. Hinckley (A), S. D. Robbins and W. M. Danner (B), W. C. Woodwand (C), E. W. Chapin (D): Sect. 86. R. S. Tobey (A), F. C. Crawford and J. F. Brown (B), J. H. Harvard (C). A. M. Rodgers (D); Sect. 87, M. Sandler (A), F. h. Coles and H. A. Rorgan (B), S. Cline (C), S. L. Wolfson (D).

The following men should report to the head usher: P. P. Waldrof J. K. Meller, L. H. Chenoweth, W. S. Rood, P. Snodecker, G. T. Vaught, H. C. Ames P. F. Brandage, T. A. Jenekes, D. R. Hanson, H. C. Bird, A. Heatbank, A. B. See, J. R. Dasha, P. Gustafaes

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