The decided victory gained over Yale by the cross-country team yesterday demonstrated undeniably the value of a proficient coach. This is the second success which has taken the place of a defeat last season. Although the material this fall is better than a year ago, this alone cannot account for so radical a reversion of the scores. In the race at New Haven last year, six Yale runners finished before the first Harvard man, giving to the home team a victory with the smallest possible score. In the race yesterday, four runners of the University team finished among the first six, and the sixth Yale man arrived in eleventh place. Almost the same striking contrast appears between the races with Technology this year and last. A week ago the University team won by the score of 36 to 43; a year ago it was defeated, 27 to 62.

This complete reversal of positions is due in part to the stronger material available this fall, but it has beyond question been largely brought about through effective training by Coach Shrubb. To him are due the confidence and gratitude of all Harvard men interested in cross-country running.

The excellence of the work of the team this year, when contrasted with its weakness last fall, shows clearly the wisdom of providing an able coach. Although the purpose of a team is not merely to win, the men who compose it deserve, nevertheless, to have their ability developed through wise and careful supervision. This has been accomplished under Coach Shrubb, and there can be no reasonable doubt that he or an able successor will have charge of the team in 1911.

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