At Class of '77 Gate from 8 to 6.--Nominations and Watchers at Polls.

The election of Senior class and Class Day officers, with the exception of Secretary, will be held in the Lodge at the Class of '77 Gate today between 8 and 6 o'clock. The officers to be chosen are First, Second, and Third Marshals, Treasurer, Ivy Orator, Poet, Odist, Chorister, and Orator. The voting will be by the Australian ballot System. The final list of nominations is as follows:

Marshals--A. Beane, Massawippi, Canada; R. W. Cutler, Brookline; R. C. Foster, Charles River Village; H. Jaques, Jr., Chestnut Hill; C. B. McLaughlin, Roxbury; P. D. Smith, Chicago, Ill.; L. Withington, Jr., Honolulu, Hawaii.

Treasurer--S. B. Steel, Chicago, Ill.; A. Sweetser, Boston.

Ivy Orator--E. A. Bemis, Cambridge; A. Gregg, Colorado Springs, Col.; J. C. Savery, Cable, Mont.; W. S. Seamans, Jr., New York, N. Y.

Poet--C. P. Alken, Cambridge; P. Mariett, Springfield, Vt.; H. T. Pulsifer, New York, N. Y.

Odist--W. C. Greene, Baltimore, Md.; J. S. Miller, Jr., Chicago, Ill.

Chorister--W. B. Barker, Jamaica Plain; A. M. Osgood, Washington, D. C.; R. G. Williams, Arlington.

Orator--C. S. Collier, Kinderhook, N. Y.; F. M. Eliot, Boston; P. W. Hobart, Plymouth.

Seniors are reminded of the following rules relating to the election of Marshals:

"Every elector shall vote for three candidates for Marshals, indicating his preference for First Marshal. Of the three elected, that candidate receiving the highest number of votes for First Marshal shall be declared First Marshal; of the other two elected that one whose total vote is higher shall be Second Marshal, and the other one the Third Marshal.

"Every ballot not cantaining the required number of names for Marshals shall be invalid."

In addition, every voter will be required to give his name and initials in full to the man in charge of the polls.

The following men have been appointed watchers at the polls and should report at the designated time: 8-9, R. C. Floyd, J. C. Janney; 9-10, P. Blair, R. Williams: 10-11, J. K. Clement, R. S. Jowett; 11-12, W. B. Fraser-Campbell, F. King; 12-1, P. C. Heald, S. Sabine; 1-2, W. K. Blodgett, A. L. Smith; 2-3, F. Stone, H. W. Kelley; 3-4, R. C. Floyd; 4-5, C. Taylor; 5-6, J. Storer. Each watcher will be given a revised voters' list and will cross off the names of the voters, as the ballots are cast.

The following men have been added by petition to the list of voters: M. I. Adams, N. F. Coburn, F. M. Eliot, J. H. Elliot, L. W. Foster, H. Green, J. W. Hall, R. Hess, N. Yamins.