1912 and Senior Dormitories.

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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Inasmuch as the dormitory scheme of the present Senior class, which resulted in bringing a large majority of the members into the Yard dormitories for their last year, has met with such signal success, not only as a means of uniting the class in a cleser community life, but also in making the last year the most enjoyable and democratic of the four, it seems highly desirable that 1912 should continue the policy. To that end a committee has been chosen to work out the details of the plan which will appear at a later date.

President Lowell has given the scheme his hearty approval throughout, and such improvements as are yet necessary-in Holworthy and Thayer are assured. In addition to the above-mentioned dormitories, Hollis and Stoughton will be reserved as at present for members of the Senior class, and, if applications warrant it, the College is willing to set aside any or all of Weld to meet the demand.

This means that all of 1912 can be accommodated within the Yard with all of the conveniences found elsewhere and the additional advantages to be derived from being united more closely together as a class. H. L. GADDIS '12.