Term-Bills Must be Paid by 1 Today

All term-bills for the first half-year must be paid at the Bursar's office between 9 and 1 o'clock today.

Each student whose dues to the University are then unpaid will be required at once to cease attending lectures or recitations, using the libraries, laboratories, gymnasiums, athletic grounds or buildings, boarding at Memorial or Randall Hall, and making use of any other privileges as a student, until his financial relations to the University are arranged satisfactorily to the Bursar. Failure to comply with this rule is deemed cause for separation of the student from the University. A student under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences who is deprived of his privileges for non-payment of dues is liable for a special fee of $10 upon his re-instatement.

Students who receive scholarships, loans, or beneficiary aid, or who hold monitorships, must sign receipts for them at the Bursar's office before payment can be made.

Students who are candidates for degrees in the middle of the academic year must pay all dues to the University not later than February 19.