Course to be Down-Stream.--Four-Oar and Freshman Races as Usual.

The University crew management has received definite word from New Haven that the Yale crew will be able to row on June 30. The usual custom will be followed in holding the Freshman eight and the University four-oared races on the morning of the University eight-oared race. No definite provision has been made for a contest between the Freshman fours, as that has always been considered unofficial, and a race between the graduate eights, though undoubtedly they will be rowed.

On account of the tide, the University race will be rowed down-stream this year from a point opposite the Freshman crew quarters at Red Top to the Railroad Bridge, instead of up-stream as last year. The start will be made at 4.30 o'clock and since the tide is high at Red Top at about 3.45, there should be a fairly strong current down-stream. This will be the first time since 1906 that the race has been rowed in this direction. In case of a postponement on account of rough water, the tide will be favorable until 6.30, after which it would be too ark to row.

The Freshman race will start at 10.30 in the morning and be rowed up-stream. The course will be the two miles from the Railroad Bridge to the Navy Yard. At that point the University four-oared crews will start soon afterwards and will finish at Red Top.

The date for the race will be approved at the next meeting of the Athletic Committee. Negotiations have been opened with Annapolis for a race on April 21. The Cornell race will be rowed on the Charles River on Decoration Day, May 30, as usual.