Changes in University Eight

During the past week several changes were made in the order of the University crew. G. F. Newton '12 went in at 6 in place of A. Strong '12, E. C. Bacon '10 at 5 in place of G. P. Metcalf '12. S. A. Sargent '10 was switched from bow to the place of F. H. Leslie '12 at 2, and G. H. Balch '12 was put in at bow. R. W. Cutler '11 at stroke, J. E. Waid '10 at 7, and L. Withington '11 at 4, were left unchanged.

One fault which Coach Wray has been trying to eliminate is the tendency of the men to swing down on the finish, thus causing the boat to pound heavily, Saturday the up-and-down motion was less noticeable than on former occasions.

A criticism of the men leads to a repetition of the same faults noticeable at the beginning of the season. Metcalf if inclined to be short, and does not finish with sufficient drive. Sargent still shows a tendency to be late on the recovery, but errs less in this respect on the port than on the starboard side. Cutler does not straighten his arms at the catch and is inclined to shorten his slide.

Whether the order of the boat during this week will remain the same as at present depends upon the showing of the new men. Balch and Newton will have to compete with Hooper and Leslie, who have been rowing 3 and 2, respectively. As far as physical qualifications are concerned, there is little to choose among them, so that everything depends upon the form displayed.