No more practical form of charity than the Phillips Brooks House clothing collection is open to the members of our University community. None, perhaps, combines greater potential benefits to the recipients with less burden to the givers. Discarded clothing has a minimum value when it hangs neglected in a closet; yet in the possession of some needy person it may well give more service than its original owner received.

It is fitting that the distribution of articles received in this way should be restricted almost wholly to this vicinity. There is frequent complaint that Harvard is an economic burden to Cambridge, but the burden may be somewhat lightened if the University through Phillips Brooks House is able to make substantial additions to the relief of the poor who otherwise would fall to the care of the municipality.

The loan library for which text-books are asked is one of those institutions whose work is done so quietly that it is almost unnoticed. It is still far from complete, and its usefulness can be much enhanced by gifts which will supply its deficiencies. We bespeak for it and for the clothing collection the cheerful aid of all who have unused books or clothes.

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