Composed of Fencing, Gymnastics and Wrestling.--Distribution of Cups.

The second annual indoor meet of the Harvard Athletic Association will be held in the Hemenway Gymnasium this evening at 8 o'clock. The object of the meet is to arouse interest in the indoor minor sports. Admission is free to all members of the University.

The officials will be as follows:

Marshal--W. F. Garcelon L.'95.

Judge of wrestling--E. O. Parker, Asst.

Judges of fencing.--C. A. Bliss '08, H. S. Breckinridge 3L., G. L. Cutting 1L.

Timer--L. Withington, Jr., '11.

Custodians of prizes--L. Fleming, Jr., '13, R. C. Evarts '13, S. T. Hicks '10, C. C. Little '10.

Scorer--R. M. Blackall '12.

The order of events for this evening will be as follows:

University wrestling championships: preliminary heavyweight bouts and 145-pound class.

Exhibitions on the horizontal bar and the flying rings by the University Gymnastic team.

College fencing championships.

University wrestling championships: 115-pound and 158-pound classes.

Exhibition on parallel bars and of tumbling by the University gymnastic team.

University wrestling championships: heavyweight finals and 135-pound class.

Exhibition of dueling sword work.

Presentation of cups.

The weighing-in of the wrestlers will be held in the wrestling room of the Gymnasium this afternoon at 3.30 o'clock. Only two pounds over-weight will be allowed in each class. After that, the drawings will be made and the preliminary bouts will be held. The following men should be present to weigh-in: E. S. Blodgett '12, W. K. Blodgett '11, H. K. Bush '11, R. I. Case '11, C. F. Cist 1L., F. H. Cooke '10, T. R. Holbert 1L., E. O. Houser uC., W. A. Kincaid 1L., T. T. Mora-Rodriguez '12, G. D. Osgood '12, W. K. Page '11, L. B. Parks 1L., P. D. Smith '11, H. H. Tryon '12, W. D. Wile 1L.

Awarding of Cups.

In connection with this meet cups will be presented by Mr. Garcelon on behalf of the Athletic Association to the following: the winners of first and second places in the events of the fall, Freshman, and winter carnival track games; first and second dormitory relay teams; the six members of the Senior tennis teams; fall tennis champions in singles and doubles and the runners-up; the five members of the Freshman basketball team; the eight members of the "Seven Sutherland Sisters" scrub hockey team.