Contain Six Vital Changes.--Two Plans Advanced for Forward pass.

The Intercollegiate Football Rules Committee, at its meeting in New York last Saturday, settled upon the following six changes in the football rules:

1.--Removal of the requirement that the player who receives the ball from the snap-back run five yards to either side before advancing.

2.--A requirement that seven men be maintained by the offence on the line of scrimmage.

3.--Prohibition of the flying tackle.

4.--Division of the game into four period of 15 minutes each.

5.--No pushing or pulling of the runner to be allowed.

6.--A requirement that the ball in the case of an onside kick must strike the ground at least 20 yards beyond the line of scrimmage, failing which the members of the team kicking the ball are off-side.'

The committee came to no definite decision concerning the forward pass but the following two plans were left to be decided at the next meeting in Philadelphia on April 20:


(A)--Limiting the forward pass to behind the line of scrimmage.

(B)--Limiting the width of the defence, including rush line and back field, either arbitrarily to five yards on either side of the point where the ball is put into play; or make the defensive line equal to that of the offensive line or team.


(A)--Ten yards to be gained for first down at all points of the field.

(B)--Forward pass to be allowed across the line of scrimmage, as at present (five-yard limitation) and to be received only by the men on the ends of the rush line and the backs. Thus with seven men always on the rush line one less player is eligible to receive the pass than heretofore.

(C)--On an incompleted forward pass the ball shall be brought back to the spot from which it was passed forward, the play to count as a down. (The 15-yard penalty is therefore eliminated).

(D)--The player receiving the forward pass to be given some sort of protection.