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18 Teams Entered.--First Games Will be Played Today, Ice Permitting.


The preliminary round of the scrub hockey series will begin this afternoon on the two rinks in the Stadium, provided there is ice.

In case it is impossible for a team to play, notice must be given at the CRIMSON Office one day in advance, or the game will be forfeited. Teams which do not report within 15 minutes of the scheduled time will forfeit the game. Every team must have a manager, who will have complete charge of the team. These men must arrange for officials for each game and send a list of the members who play to the assistant manager of the University team at the Athletic Office after every game. The score must be recorded on the schedule of games posted in the CRIMSON Office before 8 o'clock on the day each game is played.

The following teams will play on the two rinks in the Stadium today, weather permitting: at 3 o'clock, Seven Sutherland Sisters vs. Whiff-Whaffs, and Chuck-a-Pucks vs. Arcadians; at 3.45 o'clock, Arterial Artillery vs. Blue Noses, and Little Jeffs vs. Solid Ivories.

The membership of the teams entered in the series is as follows:

Seven Sutherland Sisters.--J. P. Carr '11, manager, R. C. Clifford '12, P. W. Dunbar '12, R. J. Eaton '12, L. P. Emerson '11, E. A. Graustein '13, J. G. B. Perkins '11, H. E. Reeves '12, C. W. Rice 1G., H. H. Tryon '12, S. B. Smart '12.

Whiff-Whaffs.--J. Simpkins '12, manager, W. V. Booth, Jr., '13, C. Burr '13, H. C. Dewey '12, S. M. Felton, 3d, '13, F. C. Gray '12, A. H. Tomes '13, J. C. Trumbull '12, J. G. Webb '13, R. B. Wigglesworth '12.

Little Jeffs.--M. Lightner 2L., manager, W. Augur 2L., B. B. Glenny 2G., G. Henderson 2L., J. Heron 1L., A. T. Klotz 1L., J. R. McClaine 2L., A. Mann 3L., A. C. Myers 2L., F. T. Nelson 1L., J. S. Roberts 1L., B. B. Sanderson 2L., B. H. Sullivan 2L.

Solid Ivories.--C. Fry '18, manager, R. G. Ervin '13, A. M. Goodale '13, W. A. Lawrence '11, G. P. Metcalf '12, J. Munroe '13, F. W. Pollard '12, G. M. Rushmore '13, J. A. Sweetser '11, H. M. Voorhees '12, P. L. Wendell '13.

Blue Noses.--J. C. Spicer 1L., F. P. Abbot '11, H. E. Bigelow 1G., L. B. Duff '13, P. A. Hubbard '14, H. MacDonald 1G., W. C. Morris 1G., J. C. Rand 2L., J. W. Shipley 2G., S. D. Skene 1L., J. R. Tunis '11, F. W. Young '11.

Chuck-a-Pucks.--J. G. Blaine '11, manager, C. M. Amory '12, R. Clifford '12, R. W. Cutler '11, C. S. Cutting '12, T. Frothingham, Jr., '12, McK. Hollins '11, E. M. Pickman 2L., R. S. Potter '12, B. Tuckerman '11.

Arterial Artillery.--R. C. Barr '13, W. H. Baldwin, 3d, '13, W. F. Browne '13, W. P. Browne '11, L. E. Drew '11, R. W. Fckfeldt '13, W. M. Foster '14, F. J. Leviseur '13, C. M. Makepeace '13, N. E. Paine '13, B. A. Pratt '13.

Vynkles,--C. H. Fabens '13, manager, F. E. Cassidy 1L., P. Douglas '13, E. R. Burley '13, H. King 3L., J. S. King '13, P. F. Root '13, A. Velebir '13, A. F. Winter '13, P. Wolff '13.

Alfalfas.--E. S. Blodgett '12, manager, W. C. Blackett '12, W. K. Blodgett '11, H. Brightman '11, F. W. Candee '12, L. B. Coombs 1G., C. H. Ernst 1G., F. S. Ernst '12, G. R. Hale '12, E. C. Hardy '13, R. Murray '12, P. C. Nash '11, B. S. Roberts '12.

Edison Lights.--R. A. Whidden '12, manager, H. N. Baldwin '13, C. N. Browne '12, J. H. Knapp '12, E. A. Lingard '13, R. T. Pratt '13, W. P. Tobey '12.

Follies.--F. W. Copeland '13, manager, C. D. Bartlett '13, R. B. Batchelder '13, A. S. Francis '13, E. S. Harrington '13, P. M. Hollister '13, H. P. Lawless '13, W. M. Minot '11, F. H. Palmer '13.

Seven Deadly Sins.--R. MacVeagh 2L., manager, R. H. Bolling '12, W. K. Earle 2L. W. M. Evarts 2L., W. P. Fuller '11, H. L. Groves '12, C. Macleod 2L., W. F. Scribner 2L., R. V. White 2L.

Cake Boxes.--J. W. Thurlow '14, manager, W. H. Coolidge '14, W. B. D. Dana '14, B. A. Edwards '14, G. Grant '14, R. S. Grinnell '14, R. H. Kettell '14, G. N. Richard '14, L. Saltonstall '14, R. L. Whitman '14.

Angleworms.--W. VanV. Warren '14, manager, W. E. Bright, Jr., '14, F. L. Converse '14, J. M. Elliot '14, G. Harrower '14, H. R. Hitchcock '14, L. H. Mills '14, R. T. P. Storer '14, C. Toppan '14.

Chilblains.--L. I. Grinnell '12, manager R. J. Eaton '12, M. L. Hallowell '12, P. M. Hollister '13, R. W. Knowles '12, L. D. Smith '12, R. A. Whidden '12.

Hired Girls.--W. M. Brown '13, manager, W. E. Bright '14, G. Curtis '14, G. Harrower '14, C. W. Rogers '13, B. Smith '13, W. Smith '14.

Arcadians--C. W. Peabody '12, manager, H. F. Barrows '14, W. O. Fenn '14, L. A. Forsyth 1G., S. A. Friede '12, D. R. Hanson '14, W. S. Sagar '14, S. O. Shotter '14.

Echoes--F. H. Blackman '11, manager, J. R. Abbot '14, A. R. Boynton '14, P. F. Brundage '14, J. P. Gifford '14, R. S. Osborne '14, W. G. Rice, Jr., '14, L. L. Winship '11, E. H. Wiswell '14

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