1912 and 1913 Won Class Basketball

The Junior basketball team defeated the Seniors, 19 to 16, and the Sophomore team won from the Freshmen, 32 to 6, in the opening games of the interclass series in the Hemenway Gymnasium last evening.

The upperclass game was well contested and exciting from start to finish. At the end of the first half the 1912 team led, 10 to 9. For the Juniors, Davidson scored 11 points, and Levine, made 12 for the Seniors.

The summary: 1912.  1911. Davidson, l.f.  r.g., Webber Boyd, r.f.  l.g., Dow L. D. Smith, c.  c., Sexton Stebbins, l.g.  r.f., Levine Knapp, r.g.  l.f., Yamins

Score--1912, 19; 1911, 16. Goals from the floor--Davidson 4, Stebbins 2, Knapp, Boyd, Levine 3, Yamins 2. Goals from fouls--Davidson 3, Levine 6.

Freshmen Easily Defeated.


The Sophomores completely outclassed the 1914 team, allowing team only two goals from the floor. At the end of the first half the score was 12 to 4.

The summary: 1913.  1914. Duff, l.f.  r.g., Magwood Foristall, King, r.f.  l.g., Bird Keller, c.  c., Hatch Sullivan, l.g.  r.f., Griffiths Blake, r.g.  l.f., Avery

Score--1913, 32; 1914, 6. Goals from the floor--Keller 7, Sullivan 5. Foristall 2, King, Hatch, Avery. Goals from fouls--Griffiths 2.

Wrestling Events Closely Contested.

In connection with the basketball games, four wrestling bouts were held. The best bout was between P. Withington '09 and L. B. Parks 2L., who wrestled 10 minutes without a decision. Each man came near winning twice. Another good bout was between C. S. Davis '11 and R. M. Page 1L., who also were unable to obtain a decision after 10 minutes of wrestling. In the other bouts, F. L. Cooper 2L. threw G. D. Osgood '12 in 2 and 1-2 minutes, and H. W. Bradley '12 defeated E. W. Ottie '11 in 8 minutes.