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In Mechanics Building, Boston, at 7.30.--Three Relay Teams Entered.


The second annual indoor track games of the South Boston Athletic Club will be held in Mechanics Building, Boston, this evening at 7.30 o'clock. There are a total of 127 entries from the University. The schedule consists of twelve events and a number of team races. Two 390-yard teams from the University will run against each other, and the Freshmen will race the Boston English High School.

Tickets may be obtained from J. F. Facey, 36 Prospect street, E. L. Hopkins, 362 Broadway, South Boston, A. G. Spalding & Bros., 141 Federal street, Boston, and Wright & Ditson, 344 Washington street, Boston. The prices are $1.50 $1, and 75 cents.

The Harvard entries are:

390-yard relay teams.--Team A: K. S. Billings '12, H. E. Eaton '12, W. H. Fernald '12, R. C. Foster '11, J. K. Lewis, Jr., '11; team B; D. B. Adams '12, A. H. Gunn '11, H. W. Kelley '11, D. P. Ranney '12, S. C. Simons '11.

1914 relay team.--J. I. Abbott, W. L. Allen, W. A. Barron, R. St.B. Boyd, A. J. de Gozzaldi, A. L. Jackson, F. J. O'Brien, K. Reynolds.

40-yard dash, handicap.--J. I. Abbott '14, W. B. Adams '13, W. L. Allen '14, P. G. M. Austin '13, K. S. Billings '12, W. G. Brackett '14, P. C. Cummin '12, R. C. Foster '11, S. K. Gibson '13, R. S. de Gozzaldi '13, P. B. Halstead '14, J. R. Hunneman '14, P. N. Hurd '13, A. L. Jackson '14, J. K. Lewis, Jr., '11, R. P. Lewis '13, F. J. O'Brien '14, D. P. Ranney '12, K. Reynolds '14, J. C. Twomey '14.

40-yard dash, novice.--W. B. Adams '13, W. L. Allen '14, W. G. Brackett '14, T. Cable '13, S. K. Gibson '13, G. N. Hurd '13, A. L. Jackson '14, R. P. Lewis '13, L. C. Torrey '12, J. C. Twomey '14.

440-yard dash, handicap.--J. I. Abbott '14, D. B. Adams '12, W. B. Adams '13, W. L. Allen '14, W. A. Barron '14, K. S. Billings '12, R. St. B. Boyd '14, T. G. Brennan '14, W. W. Davies '13, H. E. Eaton '12, W. H. Fernald '12, A. J. de Gozzaldi '14, A. H. Gunn '11, L. E. Hodges '13, J. R. Hunneman '14, G. N. Hurd '13, A. L. Jackson '14, H. W. Kelley '11, F. J. O'Brien '14, E. W. Petterson '14, L. G. Rabbette '14, D. P. Ranney '12, H. E. Rawson '14, S. C. Simons '11, F. H. Storms '14, R. D. Walker '14.

600-yards run, novice.--T. E. Alcorn '13, S. H. Bowles '12, W. J. Brackett '14, L. H. Chenoweth '12, F. D. Everett '11, A. J. deGozzaldi '14, R. H. Rowse '12, H. I. Thompson '12, W. M. Tugman '14, A. H. Whitman '11, J. G. Wolcott '14.

880-yard run, handicap.--N. Curtis, Jr., '14, F. D. Everett '11, W. H. Fernald '12, H. Jaques, Jr., '11, H. P. Lawless '13, G. H. McCaffrey '12, S. Nichols '13, B. M. Preble '12, S. C. Simons '11, H. M. Warren '13, P. R. Withington '12.

One-mile run, handicap.--F. P. Abbott '11, F. H. Blackman '14, C. W. Burrage '13, R. H. Burrage '13, F. P. Byerly '11, F. W. Copeland '13, G. R. Harding '11, O. W. Haussermann '12, T. W. Koch '14, P. Newton '11, W. F. Ryan '11.

16-pound shot-put.--M. A. Borth '14, R. B. Batchelder '13, T. Cable '13, C. E. Cotting, Jr., '11, C. Hann, Jr., '11, L. D. Howard '14, P. H. Keays '13, F. H. Leslie '12, R. P. Lewis '13, R. V. Moody '11.

Running high-jump.--W. L. Allen '14, A. D. Barker '11, N. A. Buckley '12, A. D. Chandler '14, W. A. Dennis '11, T. O. Freeman '14, A. W. Moffat '13, C. O. Mueller '11, S. A. Reed '11, F. B. Waller '13

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