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Wednesday Last Date for Receipt of 1912 Dormitory Applications.


The Senior Dormitory Committee has received to date surprisingly few applications for rooms in the Yard next year. It therefore urges all Juniors who expect to form groups, to do so either today or tomorrow, so that there will be as little delay as possible in the allotment. Below are printed the rules governing the applications.

Applications for rooms in Hollis, Holworthy, Stoughton, and Thayer, by members of next year's Senior class, are due on or before Wednesday, January 25, which applications should be sent to "1912 Dormitory Committee," Phillips Brooks House. Assignment is to be made by lot in which preference will be accorded to the larger units up to 12.

The rooms available for next year are: Holworthy, west entry, eight rooms; middle entry, seven rooms; east entry, seven rooms; Hollis, south entry, 15 rooms; north entry, 16 rooms; Stoughton, south entry, 14 rooms; north entry, 15 rooms; Thayer, north entry, 23 rooms; middle entry, 18 rooms; south entry, 20 rooms.

All applications should be sent to the committee with the signatures of the members in sealed envelopes, on the outside of which some fictitious name should be written for identification, as well as the number of signatures the envelope contains; the order of preferences, not of rooms, but of entries, and the number of rooms desired. Preference will be given in the assignments of Hollis and Stoughton to applications calling for three men in two rooms, over two men in two rooms, such combinations not being possible in Holworthy and Thayer. In stating a preference on the envelope, each group should name every entry in order of choice, so that if the first choice cannot be filled others may be considered in order.

A name appearing in more than one application will cause each group to be cast out. It is understood that by making an application a man pledges himself to abide by the allotment of the committee.

The Dormitory Committee will hold office in Phillips Brooks House daily from 10 to 1 beginning today. Those desiring plans or further information can call during the hours.

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