Whistler Etching Given to Fogg

The Fogg Museum has recently received by gift a very fine impression of Whistler's etching, the "Furnace Nocturne." It is one of the Venice subjects, and belongs to the set known as the "Twenty-six Etchings" published in 1886. In the printing, Whistler produced a tone upon the plate, making it a "nocturne," one of the few plates treated in this way. This print is a distinct addition to the print collection of the Fogg Museum.

The subject represents a brilliantly lighted interior with a furnace, and a man standing before it, seen through a square dorway from a dark canal. At one side is the end of a gondola, above which a face is just visible peering out of a window.

From O. Bryant '04 the Museum has received an original Japanese painting and a number of Japanese prints; also a piece of Italian bobbin lace, possibly of the seventeenth century, and 17 ancient gems.

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