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The University track team won the long distance relay race from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and barely lost the short distance race at the third annual meet of the Armory Athletic Association of Rhode Island at Providence Saturday evening.

In the one and three-fifths mile relay for long distance men, Mills of Technology held the pole, thus getting a slight lead over F. D. Everett '11. Neither was able to gain on the other until the finish, when Everett drew up alongside. P. Newton '11, the second runner for the University, secured a poor start, allowing Samson of Technology a four-yard lead. Newton, however, gradually cut down this advantage, and passing his opponent on the last lap in a fine burst of speed, crossed the line 10 yards ahead. H. M. Warren '13 held Marceau easily for three laps, and ran away from him on the fourth. H. Jaques, Jr., '11, who took up the race at this point as the last man for the University, played a waiting game with White until the last 150 yards; he then in a beautiful sprint opened up the distance, finishing 5 seconds, or approximately 60 yards ahead of the Technology runner. The time of the University team was 6 minutes, 19 1-5 seconds.

Thompson, the first man for M. I. T. in the one-mile race, held the lead, which was his by virtue of the pole at start, until the middle of the second lap, when he was passed by R. C. Foster '11. W. H. Fernald '12, increased the lead of three yards which Foster handed over, until he had five on Cummings. Guething, Technology's third man showed more speed than H. W. Kelley '11, and almost caught him at the end of the relay. Kelley and D. P. Ranney '12 lost the race at this point by imperfect tagging. In the mix-up Salisbury of Technology secured the pole. Ranney recovered the lost ground and ran almost shoulder to shoulder with Salisbury for the rest of the race. On the straightaways he would just fall to pass, and then be obliged to drop back at the corners. Technology's time was 2 minutes, 45 2-5 seconds.

In the open events members of the University track squad secured three places. A. D. Barker '11, with a handicap of 2 inches, won the high jump at 6 feet. F. H. Leslie '12, with 5 feet 3 inches, and P. H. Keays '13, with 3 feet, won second and third places in the handicap 8-pound shot-put. Their actual puts were 52 feet, 3 1-2 inches, and 53 feet, 9 1-4 inches, respectively.

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