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Officers of Alumni Association


The officers of the Harvard Alumni Association for 1911 have been announced as follows:

President, Major H. L. Higginson '82; vice-presidents, J. Lowell '77, of Boston, and F. A. Delano '85, of Chicago; treasurer, J. W. Hallowell '01, of Boston; secretary, E. H. Wells '97, of Boston; directors, J. Lowell '77; R. M. Saltonstall '80, of Boston; G. D. Markham '81, of St. Louis, W. R. Thayer '81, of Cambridge; E. J. Wendell '82, of New York; W. C. Baylies '84, of Boston; C. T. Billings '84, of Lowell; F. A. Delane '85; H. L. Clark '87, of Philadelphia: W. C. Sabine, A. M. '88, of Cambridge; R. Hemans '94, of Boston; E. H. Wells '97; L. P. Marvin '98, of New York; J. F. Curtis '99, of Washington and J. W. Hallowell '01.

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