Team Work by Forwards and Good Primary Defence Noticeable.

The University hockey team won the third game of its schedule by defeating the Springfield Training School 12 to 0 at the Boston Arena last night. The team-work of the University forwards was excellent, especially in the second half, and showed marked improvement upon their work in any previous game. Several times, however, in the first half, after carrying the puck by good teamwork up to the opponent's goal, carelessness spoiled the shots for goal. This fault, however, disappeared in the second half.

Hornblower and Huntington played the best individual games for the University team, the latter playing well offensively as well as defensively. Bowers was the best Springfield player and often took the puck well into Harvard's territory only to be stopped by Huntington, and later by Houston. The teamwork of the Springfield men was poor and they had only one good opportunity to score during the entire time of play.

No score was made till about the middle of the first half, when Hornblower scored on a pass from behind the goal by Seamans, who made the second score from a scrimmage in front of the cage seven minutes later. The two other goals made in this period came in quick succession just before time was called, one by Huntington and the other by Seamans. The play in this half was rather slow and mostly in Springfield's half of the rink.

In the second half all the substitutes were given an opportunity to play, but there was no falling off in the teamwork. The Springfield players seemed rather tired and their defence weakened, and the fresh men on the University team, taking advantage of this, scored eight more goals. The first two of these came within four minutes of the start of the half--the first by Duncan on a pass from Leslie, the second by Hornblower on a pass from Seamans. For some time after this there was no scoring, although the play was almost entirely around Springfield's goal. Then three goals, by Huntington, Duncan, and Pratt came in quick succession. Each of these came as the result of teamwork in which three and sometimes four men were going down the ice in a line, and avoiding their opponents by well-timed passes. Toward the end of the game two more goals, both by Childs, were made

The summary: HARVARD.  SPRINGFIELD. Leslie, Gorham, l.e.  r.e., Smith, Rogers Pierce, Duncan, l.c.  r.c., Barry Hornblower, Childs, r.c.  l.c., Bowers Seamans, Pratt, r.e.  l.e., Hutchinson Huntington, Houston, c.p.  c.p., Cochrane Foster, Blackall, p.  p., Best Chadwick, Gardner, g.  g., Salassa


Score--Harvard 12; Springfield Training School, 0. Goals--Hornblower 2, Seamans 2, Huntington 2, Duncan 2, Childs 3, Pratt. Penalty--Blackall, 2 minutes. Referee--J. Norfolk, Boston Arena. Umpire--G. W. Tingley. Goal umpires--for Harvard, H. S. McKee '13 and J. F. Brownlee '13; for Springfield, R. E. Guillow.