Second Lecture on Turbines at 12

Mr. J. G. Callan, formerly with the General Electric Company, will give the second of a series of nine lectures on "The Steam Turbine" in Pierce 110 this morning at 12 o'clock. The special subject of today's lecture is "Origin of Types." The lecture will be open only to members of the University.

The dates and titles of the remaining seven lectures are as follows:

January 9.--"Commercial Land Turbines."

January 11.--"Design of Reaction Turbines."

January 13.--"Design of Impulse Turbines."


January 16.--"Comparisons, Details, and Auxiliaries."

January 18.--"Low Pressure Turbines--Small Turbines."

January 20.--"Marine Turbines."

January 23.--"Efficiencies--Driven Machinery."