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Football at Princeton and Brown



The work of the Princeton University football team during the past week has shown a wealth of fast backfield and end material, and a line strong on the defence but sluggish on the offence. Judging from the games played with Rutgers and Villa Nova the team is admirably fitted for the open game. Both of these Princeton won, chiefly through end runs and forward passes, beating Rutgers 37 to 0 and Villa Nova 31 to . Due to the slowness of the forwards in making holes, however, the backfield has been able to gain practically nothing on line plays. The linemen need practice badly in this respect.

For kickers Princeton has Penfield and Baker. Penfield is a punter of high order, and both men have been fairly suc- cessful at drop-kicking under actual scrimmage conditions.

The three games which the team has played so far this season have perhaps been so easy as to make the backfield seem faster than it really is. It remains for a hard game, however, to prove their speed.


The result of the two games of the last week at Brown leaves no doubt but that the Providence eleven has every prospect of repeating the success of the 1910 team. With the exception of a few minor injuries the squad is in excellent shape and the game with the Massachusetts Agricultural College on Saturday, which Brown won by the score of 26 to 0, gave the two Harvard football men who saw the contest somewhat of an idea of the excellent way in which the Brown team can run off the forward pass. Especial emphasis has been placed on this department of the game within the last two weeks. In the Wednesday game there appeared some weaknesses in the line, and for a few minutes on Saturday the Massachusetts backs were able to tear up the Brown tackle and guard positions. When the ball was on the 11-yard line, however, the home team braced and proceeded to make four touchdowns. The feature of the game was a 110-yard rung by Crowther of Brown, who ran out the kick-off by the aid of beautiful interference

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