Speakers' Club Plans for Half-Year

The Speakers' Club announces the following program for the first half-year:

October 31.--Formal discussion on "Phillips Brooks House."

November 14.--Informal discussion on general College topics.

November 28.--Formal discussion on "Athletics."

December 14.--After dinner speaking--Toasts.


January 9.--Formal discussion on "College Journalism."

January 23.--Informal discussion on "What We Are Talking About."

These speeches and discussions will take place at the club dinners in Memorial Hall on alternate Tuesday evenings. The formal and informal discussions will be held as usual, with speeches by members of the club, followed by a general discussion. At the formal discussions members of the University prominent in the activity under consideration will be invited to be present, and to speak. Plans are being made for several open meetings at which public speakers of prominence will address the club. Open meetings for the discussion of College questions are also under consideration.

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