Secretary of National Consumers League Predicts Spread of Woman Suffrage in America.

Mrs. Florence Kelley, secretary of the National Consumers' League, spoke on "Woman Suffrage" in New Lecture Hall yesterday afternoon, under the auspices of the Harvard Men's League for Woman Suffrage.

Mrs. Kelley said that the problem of poverty cannot be solved from above. The attempts of women to obtain even humane working laws are met with the arguments that such laws are unconstitutional. The judges admit that conditions in factories today are absolutely cruel, yet they say that women, with a few minor limitations, are citizens, and consequently cannot be deprived of their property rights.

Working men with the right to vote can with difficulty amend a state constitution; working women to whom factory conditions are a matter of life and death have no influence whatsoever. It is for this reason, for the sake of justice, which they find they can obtain in no other way, that women want suffrage.

The arguments pro and con, which up to date have been largely theoretical, are now receiving actual trial in six of the western states with satisfactory results, and it is to be expected that with the public sense of justice increasing as it is, woman suffrage will soon be universal throughout the northern states.