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There will be a meeting of all candidates for the University hockey team in the Trophy Room of the Union this afternoon at 5 o'clock, to hear Coach Winsor outline the work for the coming season. All men who have had any hockey experience are urged to attend. Regular practice will begin in the Arena on Monday evening.

Prospects for University Team.

Although only three men who won their letters in the Yale game last year are back in College, the prospects for a strong team are unusually bright. Filling the forward positions there will probably be Duncan, left forward on the University team for the past two years, R. C. Clifford '13 and Hopkins and Sortwell of last year's Freshman team. These men will assure a first class forward line. Clifford, although he has been ineligible to play before, is one of the fastest forwards about Boston, and was a member of the champion Crescent Athletic Club team last year. Both Sortwell and Hopkins made the reputation of being University material in their Freshman year, and should therefore be far above the average this year. Before entering College, they played several years on the St. Paul's and Newton High teams respectively. Duncan's ability is well known from his previous work on the University and Freshman teams. Other good men in the forward positions are Childs, Pierce, and Palmer, substitutes on the University team last year, and Adams of last year's Freshman team.

It looks now as if the defence would be composed of three Freshman captains: Huntington, this year's University captain, Willetts, and Gardner. Blackall, however, who made his letter last year, may crowd out Willetts for a place. Huntington has played coverpoint on the University team for two years and last year was the bulwark of the defence. Willetts, who with Blackall is the most likely man for point, played that position on last year's Freshman team. Gardner played regular goal on his Freshman team, but was beaten out for the position on the University team last year by Chadwick. Blackall has been a substitute on the University team for two years. While these four men seem to have the call, Wingate and Carnochan of last year's Freshman team will give the latter three a hard fight.

Independent Schedule Arranged.

Although the team has withdrawn from the Intercollegiate Hockey League, and is making up an independent schedule, there will probably be games with all the big eastern college teams. So far two games with Princeton, one in New York and one in Boston, and a best two out of three game schedule with Yale have been arranged.

Outlook at Princeton.

Among the outside colleges, Princeton seems to have the best outlook. As well as an unusual number of veterans, they will have last year's phenomenal freshman material, including Baker, Kuhn and Emmons from St. Paul's School, to draw from. In addition to the league schedule, Princeton will play three exhibition games with Yale in Cleveland during the Christmas recess. Cornell does not look so strong, as Magner and Crassweller have been lost through graduation. They may, however, develop another championship seven.

New Rink at Yale.

The new rink at New Haven has given Yale hockey prospects a big boost. Not only has it assured the team a good place to practice, but it has enabled the management to arrange games with some of the star Canadian teams, which can not fail to aid in the development of a strong seven. James Burne, who has coached the St. Michael's team of Canada to three championships, will coach Yale this year.

Strong B. A. A. Team.

The B. A. A. has formed a team in Boston this winter, corresponding to last year's Boston Hockey Club team and composed entirely of University graduates. The following men will play upon it: forwards--H. C. Leslie '11, G. P. Gardner, Jr., '10, R. Hornblower '11, S. T. Hicks '10, R. S. Townsend '07, A. Winsor '02; defence--O. M. Chadwick '11, H. Foster, Jr., '07, G. W. Canterbury '01

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