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Ushers for the Dartmouth Game


All ushers for the game with Dart mouth today, who did not get tickets yesterday, must secure them from A. Beane '11 at the Athletic Office between 8 and 10 o'clock. Meal tickets may also be obtained at this time. Ushers must be prepared to identify themselves with their Bursar's cards, Co-operative tickets, or other such means of identification. No usher will be admitted to the field without a ticket, nor will such tickets be given out except at the appointed time. A lunch will be served in the Baseball Cage today at 11.30 o'clock. Ushers not in their places at 12.15 sharp will lose their places for the Yale game. Section heads will distribute badges at the sections.

Men marked A stand at bottom of steps; men marked B at first entrance; men marked C at upper entrance; men marked D at entrance to the promenade; men marked E on the wooden stands. Section heads must become acquainted with the names of men in their sections. If any usher neglects his duty he will be ejected from the field.

Section Heads.

The following men have been appointed section heads: Sect. 1, D. Dahl; Sect. 2, H. F. Goodrich; Sect 3, R. W. Peters; Sect. 4, E. A. Roberts; Sect. 5, H. W. Birch; Sect. 6, F. S. Miley; Sect. 7, J. T. Day; Sect. 8, W. A. Cleary; Sect. 9, S. L. Simonds; Sect. 10, R. A. Giles; Sect. 11, M. H. Dake; Sect. 12, C. H. Marsh; Sect. 13, R. L. Blakie; Sect. 14, G. P. Brown; Sect. 15, W. J. Dean; Sect. 16, A. K. Smith; Sect. 17, R. Crosbie; Sect. 18, W. F. Rogers; Sect. 19, H. Gilman; Sect. 20, C. von Tobel; Sect. 21, J. L. Stifel; Sect. 22, F. L. Reardon; Sect. 23, C. A. Dunham; Sect. 24, G. H. Sullivan; Sect. 25, J. A. Green; Sect. 26, H. D. Kroll; Sect. 27, L. S. Headley; Sect. 28, D. Bloomfield; Sect. 29, A. L. Palmer; Sect. 30, J. B. Munn; Sect. 31, W. M. Danner; Sect. 32, C. S. Whittier; Sect. 33, P. Morgan; Sect. 34, P. W. Bliss; Sect. 35, W. R. Bolton; Sect. 36, P. B. Potter; Sect. 37, G. C. Loud; Sect. 38, A. D. Washburn; Sect. 39, V. C. Brink; Sect. 40, T. E. Elcock; Sect. 41, P. Eaton; Sect. 42, G. N. Thompson; Sect. 43, J. A. Hovey; Sect. 44, F. I. Fallon; Sect. 45, W. T. Fisher; Sect. 46, J. H. Harwood; Sect. 47, H. B. Gill; Sect. 48, G. C. Anderson.

Ushers for Dartmouth Side.

Dartmouth side.--In charge, H. T. Deane: Sect. 1, S. Avery and C. D. Britten (A), J. S. Mahaffey and R. H. Britten (B), J. A. Davis (C), E. C. Grover (D), R. A. Cutting (E); Sect. 2, D. C. Howard and O. W. Meserve (A), T. N. Phillips and E. H. Thompson (B), H. G. Wellman (C), E. A. White (D), J. Rose (E); Sect. 3, J. Horniceck and P. H. Bunker (A), C. B. Kaufmann and C. Pennigroth (B), S. Barron (C), L. C. Stowell (D), N. Yamins (E); Sect. 4, J. Axelrod and H. E. Wildes (A), I. Springer and B. Z. Nelson (B), J. Spear (C), F. P. Hamill (D), D. J. Lynn (E); Sect. 5, W. M. Spencer and W. T. H. Horst (A), F. C. Crawford and J. A. di Pesa (B), O. R. O'Gorman (C), C. W. Findlay (D), J. J. Hamburg (E); Sect. 6, D. White and A. W. Wilson (A), A. K. Hanchett and N. L. Torrey (B), W. D. Wile (C), S. C. Yen (D), A. S. Thayer (E); Sect. 7, J. A. O'Shea and H. G. Grant (A), A. L. Washburn and F. E. Richter (B), C. J. Pollard (C), H. O. Hite (D), R. T. Paessler (E); Sect. 8, A. L. Graves and P. H. Stafford (A), H. Norton and F. T. Smith (B), C. C. Earle (C), R. F. Keehn (D), I. W. Jacobs (E); Sect. 9, D. J. Lyne and M. Nigro (A), E. Coleman and L. W. Pollock (B), J. F. Conway (C), A. E. Sederquest (D), M. Frieberg (E); Sect. 10, H. C. Greene and G. D. Huncke (A), A. H. Khachadoorian and R. L. West (B), N. H. Brodsky (C), C. B Long (D), J. B. Emerson (E); Sect. 11, J. A. Coolidge and W. E. Griffiths (A), C. D. Coburn and T. Coggeshall (B), O. Sletten (C), D. W. Lewis (D), H. Levine (E).

Ushers in Bowl.

Sections 12 to 26 inclusive.--In charge, R. W. Gordon. Sect. 12, J. H. Taylor and J. P. Manning (A), H. H. Breland and D. R. Hanson (B), E. A. Lincoln (C), H. E. Fannon (D), L. D. Jennings (E); Sect. 13, F. A. Carroll and P. P. Walrop (A), R. B. Robbins and A. B. Underwood (B), H. E. Mason (C), A. T. McKay (D), P. F. Brundage (E); Sect. 14, E. W. Cunningham and W. E. Wolff (A), T. B. Gill and M. Sandler (B), C. Southworth (C), A. L. Van Meter (D), S. D. Coward (E); Sect. 15, S. Leventall and A. T. Good (A), R. E. Stifel and D. E. Dunbar (B), J. A. Sullivan (C), J. A. Garvey (D), C. Silbert (E); Sect. 16, J. L. Rosenberg and E. M. Libbman (A), A. P. Cohen and S. S. McCulloch (B), R. B. Street (C), D. C. Barton (D), S. Steinberg (E); Sect. 17, H. J. Bischoff and F. E. Tyler (A), C. J. Murphy and N. A. Pope (B), F. S. Rutan (C), W. G. Hill (D), J. J. Connelly (E); Sect. 18, M. Weiss and F. B. Day (A), K. Kirsch and O. J. Johnson (B), F. P. Donovan (C), L. A. Mahoney (D), S. Z. Kaplan (E); Sect. 19, F. F. Greenman and H. G. Smith (A), R. P. Kelley and N. Bernard (B), E. T. Leddy (C), W. W. Davies (D), C. F. Maxwell (E); Sect. 20, R. H. Loenholm and A. I. Shain (A), C. C. Webster and P. J. Warshawsky (B), G. P. Pennoyer (C), A. D. McKillop (D), W. C. Hatch (E); Sect. 21, S. H. Lewis and H. L. Sharmat (A), T. Fort and E. L. Norton (B), W. O. Taylor (C), B. Morrison (D), R. R. Smith (E); Sect. 22, E. D. Flanders and E. M. Maiden (A), A. W. Miller and H. Wolfson (B), A. L. Quinn (C), J. F. Evans (D), J. F. Dobbyn (E); Sect. 23, C. C. Perry and G. E. Macfarlane (A), A. C. Hawkes and V. Levine (B), R. K. Terry (C), P. H. Hinckley (D), J. Lorenz (E); Sect. 24, W. G. Simon and P. L. Cohen (A), H. S. Warren and M. Leavitt (B), W. A. Williams (C), C. E. Gibbs (D), J. Levy (E); Sect. 25, H. R. Sanford and J. F. A. Giblin (A), R. Cohen and K. Rogers (B), D. Munro (C), N. W. Gillette (D), E. Petterson (E); Sect. 26, A. S. Jones and W. P. Haynes (A), D. F. Fenn and R. R. Allen (B), E. R. North (C), W. W. Tupper (D), C. M. Seavey (E).

Ushers for Harvard Side.

Harvard side.--In charge, Q. Reynolds, Sect. 27, T. J. Crowley and I. Burman (A), C. H. Moore and T. E. Alcorn (B), E. C. Romberg (C), R. Brackett (D), I. Berman (E); Sect. 28, L. K. Harlow and H. Slepian (A), A. K. Hobby and M. D. Britten (B), A. M. Boal (C), J. Piper (D), M. Conovitz (E); Sect. 29, V. D. Kline and C. R. Hoover (A), B. E. Hughes and H. C. Place (B), W. H. Distler (C), A. M. Cristy (D), J. R. Keister (E); Sect. 30, A. T. Nesmith and L. O. Wright (A), H. O. Palmer and H. W. Richter (B), G. E. Akerson (C), W. B. Porter (D), G. H. Gifford (E); Sect. 31, E. L. Wheaton and H. F. Cameron (A), P. R. Danner and E. T. Wentworth (B), M. Cohen (C), R. S. Keebler (D), P. J. Stearns (E); Sect. 32, H. C. O'Brien and C. L. Rice (A), R. Stiles and E. Angel (B), W. G. Foye (C), B. F. Jones (D), H. F. Browne (E); Sect. 33, H. V. Bail and F. H. Beall (A), W. B. Martin and H. T. Gibson (B), J. C. Davis (C), E. J. Bryan (D), W. B. Richards (E); Sect. 34, J. L. Barrowsky and F. W. Candee (A), J. R. Marshall and W. M. Breed (B), M. W. Cox (C), C. Peabody (D), A. S. Olmstead (E); Sect. 35, P. E. Fardy and E. A. Duncke (A), C. A. Connor and M. R. Copithorne (B), E. F. Cahill (C), C. G. Kirov (D), L. H. Meade (E); Sect. 36, R. G. Donahue and W. C. R. Hurley (A), W. Gleason and F. P. Lowrey (B), J. L. Foley (C), G. C. Davis (D), G. S. Raup (E); Sect. 37, H. P. Finklestein and H. J. Nason (A), B. Snow and L. M. Middlemass (B), R. C. Cowan (C), T. J. Reed (D), C. V. Wright (E); Sect. 38, J. A. Rahb and E. L. Hackes (A), A. J. McGrail and L. R. Sarett (B), F. C. Hodgson (C), W. H. Beckham (D), C. Epstein (E).

Ushers for Wooden Stands.

In charge, R. K. Hubbard; Sect. 39, C. W. Faulkner (A), C. T. Rand (B), W. A. Williams (C), R. Bowser (D); Sect. 40, J. Klarfield (A), S. D. Smolev (B), Loy Chang (C), R. Mead (D); Sect. 41, D. M. Satz (A), R. Vicario (B), G. E. Fahys (C), A. W. Lahee (D); Sect. 42, M. O'K. McKay (A), R. W. Bicknell (B), L. M. Farrin (C), C. E. Cooley (D); Sect. 43, M. M. Albach (A), G. H. Durgin (B), R. S. Tobey (C), G. A. Ernst (D); Sect. 44, R. T. Lafferty (A), F. E. Abbe (B), H. C. Amee (C), R. Coggeshall (D); Sect. 45, E. P. Felker (A), A. W. Bell (B), R. W. Bennett (C), W. F. Campbell (D); Sect. 46, D. D. Corning (A), G. B. Wilbur (B), D. M. Beers (C), S. M. Badoyan (D); Sect. 47, H. H. Arayan (A), P. E. Douglass (B), J. Rosenstein (C), J. H. Hodges (D); Sect. 48, R. S. Simmons (A), S. Slutzki (B), S. J. Marshall (C), C. F. Walton (D).

The following men will report to the head usher at the Locker Building today at 12 o'clock: R. C. Benchley, C. W. Bullard, W. B. Clark, A. D. Cooper, H. Eager, A. Fleisher, T. J. D. Fuller, L. deJ Harvard, S. N. Hotaling, W. S. Henderson, L. B. Johnson, J. S. King, H. P. Lawless, E. A. Lawlor, L. A. Lawlor, J. Levin, A. A. McAuslan, S. L. Mason, W. B. Mcore, D. Persen, E. Parsons, J. W. Peary, S. J. Rashken, J. C. Twomey.

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