Treasurer's Report Shows Deficit of $11,221.58, Less Than Half That of Last Year.

The treasurer's report of the Harvard Boston Aero Meet which was held at Squantum from August 26 to September 6, inclusive, shows a deficit of $11,221.58 or $11,925.68 less than last year. The fact that there was any deficit at all was due largely to the continual rains and high winds which prevailed throughout the first week of the meet; not to any increase in expenses, as they were lessened by more than half. The chief reasons for this great decrease in expenses were that many constructions of last year: the field, road, hangars, parkway, fences and so on were permanent; and that no exorbitant guarantees were paid to the aviators, this year, the prize money being the main inducement to competitors. The gate receipts at Nashua, Worcester, and Providence were made on Labor Day, when the cross country flight for a $10,000 prize took place.

Following is the report, and with it a comparison of last year's report: RECEIPTS Gate receipts, Boston,  $39,220.85 Gate receipts, Nashua, Worcester and Providence,  11,429.00 Concessions, advertising, etc.,  4,716.25 Total receipts,  $55,366.10 Total expenditures,  $66,587.68 Total receipts,  55,366.10 Deficit,  $11,221.58

COMPARATIVE STATEMENT 1910  1911 Paid admissions, Boston,  67,241  26,808 Total operating expenses,  $151,414.43  $66,587.68 Gross receipts,  128,267.17  55,366.10 Deficit,  $23,147.26  $11,221.58