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John Albert Macy '99, editor and author, spoke under the auspices of the Socialist Club in Emerson D Wednesday afternoon. He took as his subject "Why a Harvard man should be a socialist."

In discussing this question, Mr. Macy pointed out what socialism really stands for. Among other things it provides for the passing of land and production from the control of the profit-making few to the control of the consuming masses. The success of this movement depends on whether the majority of people can be brought to believe in it, and although it will undoubtedly be forced upon the country by the course of events, its coming can be hastened by greater enthusiasm on the part of its supporters. Harvard men and all college men in general can help on the cause of socialism most of all by reading about it and studying its possibilities, so that they can pass on their knowledge to others who have less time and opportunity to consider the question.

Colleges as a rule are opposed to socialism. They do not deny free speech, but exert their influence against it by pure indifference. In spite of this, however, socialism is slowly bringing about an educational awakening at Harvard, and in some western universities has already made great progress.

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