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The following is a complete list of the holders of scholarships for the year 1911-12. The first group is made up of students who have obtained very high standing, while in the second group are found students of marked excellence who have not attained a position in the first group. Harvard College Scholarships are given only to students deemed worthy of a position in the second group.

Group I.

Anthony, E. W., Jr., '12, John Harvard, Brookline, Travel School, Boston.

Baker, J. R., '13, Bowditch, Williamsport, Pa., Williamsport H. S.

Beatley, R., '13, Bowditch, Roxbury, Roxbury L. S.

Brooks, C. F., '12, John Harvard, Urbana, III., Academy of Illinois University.

Crawford, F. C., '13, Price Greenleaf, Watertown, Watertown H. S.

Cross, S. H., '12, Nathaniel Ropes, Jr., New Bedford, New Bedford H. S.

Currier, R. P., '12, John Harvard, Malden, Malden H. S.

Curtis, C. P., Jr., '14, John Harvard, Boston, Groton School.

Douglass, P. E., '13, Bowditch, New London, Conn., Bulkeley H. S.

Dunbar, D. E., '13, Price Greenleaf, Springfield, Springfield H. S.

Emery, H. G., '12, John Harvard, Philadelphia, Pa., Philadelphia M. T. H. S.

Foss, C. W., '13, Bowditch, Jamaica Plain, Mechanics Arts H. S.

Fuller, J. V., '14, Bowditch, St. Paul, Minn., St. Paul Central H. S.

Gardner, G. K., '12, John Harvard, Worcester, Amherst College.

Gifford, G. H., '13, Saltonstall, East Boston, Boston L. S.

Gilkey, J. G., '12, John Harvard, Watertown, Cambridge L. S.

Greenman, F. F., '14, Price Greenleaf, Brooklyn, N. Y., Boys' H. S.

Grimes, B. W., '13, Bowditch, Woburn, Woburn H. S.

Grinnell, E. R., '14, Price Greenleaf, Woods Hole, Lawrence, H. S., Falmouth.

Grover, F. L., '12, Richard Augustine Gambrill, Lynn. Lynn. Classical H. S.

Haberkorn, C. H., Jr., '12, John Harvard, Detroit, Mich., University School, Detroit.

Harvey, F. W., '13, Bowditch, New Rochelle, N. Y., New Rochelle H. S.

Hu, Kang-Fu, '13, John Harvard, Kiang-su, China, Aurora University, Shanghai, China.

Leighton, J. H., '14, Kirkland, Tunkhannock, Pa., Phillips Exeter Academy.

Levin, I., '14, Price Greenleaf, Detroit, Mich., Cass H. S., Detroit.

McCaffrey, G. H., '12, Charles Wyman, Roxbury, Roxbury L. S.

McKillop, A. D., '13, Class of 1802, Lynn. Lynn Classical H. S.

Mahoney, L. A., '13, Wendell Phillips Memorial and William Whiting, Lawrence, Phillips Andover Academy.

Marsh, C. H., '12, Class of 1883, Quincy, Thayer Academy, South Braintree.

Munn, J. H., '12, John Harvard, New York, N. Y., Browning School, New York.

Parker, C. S., '12, Bigelow, Woburn, Wo- burn H. S.

Pitman, E. C., '14, Crowninshield, Salem, Salem H. S.

Place, H. C., '14, Bartlett, Gilbertsville, Place, H. C., White Plains (N. Y.) H. S.

Pope, N. A., '13, Lucy Osgood, Constantinople, Turkey, Zographion Gymnasium, Constantinople.

Potter, P. B., '14, Jacob Wendell, Long Branch, N. J., Chattle H. S., Long Branch.

Richter, H. W., 13 Ruluff Sterling Choate, Brooklyn, N. Y., Adelphi Academy, Brooklyn.

Richter, H. W., '13, Price Greenleaf, Cambridge, West Roxbury H. S.

Rosatto, H. J., '13, Price Greenleaf, Lowell, Boston L. S.

Rubin, D., '12, Bigelow, Cleveland, O., Oberlin College.

Saxon, O. G., '14, Price Greenleaf, Garden City, N. Y., St. Paul's School, Garden City.

Schumb, W. C., '14, Crowninshield, Roxbury Boston English H. S.

Seldes, G. V., Farrar, Philadelphia, Pa., Philadelphia Boys' Central H. S.

Simon, W. G., '14, William Whiting, Cincinnati, O., Hughes H. S., Cincinnati.

Slater, J. E., '13, Price Greenleaf, Somerville, Somerville L. S.

Smith, E. D., 12, 1-2 Dunlap Smith, Chicago, Ill., Francis W. Parker School, Chicago.

Smith, E. D., '12, 1-2 Dunlap Smith, Chicago, Ill., Francis W. Parker School, Chicago.

Spaulding, J. A., '12, John Harvard, Tewksbury, Lowell H. S.

Thwing, F. B., '13, John Harvard, Cleveland, O., Phillips Andover Academy.

Wheeler, R. A., '12, Toppan, Springfield, Springfield Central H. S.

Whitman, F. w., '12, John Harvard, Dorchester, Boston English H. s.

Wilkins, R. S., '12, John Harvard, Salem, Salem Classical H. S.

Witkin, I. '14, Price Greenleaf, Philadelphia, Pa., Philadelphia Central H. S.

Wolfson, H., '12, John Harvard, New York, N. Y., Scranton (pa.) Central H. S.

Woodard, H., '12, John Harvard, New York, N. Y., Scranton (Pa.) Central H. S.

Woodard, C. A., '12, John Harvard, Warren, Pa., Warren H. S.

Group II.

Abbot, J. R., '14, Harvard College, Andover, Phillips Andover Academy.

Akerson, G. E., '12, Class of 1835, Minneapolis, Minn., Allegheny College, Meadville, pa.

Allen, R. H., '15, Bassett, Fulton, N. Y., Phillips Exeter Academy.

Baker, J. M., '12, Harvard College, South Chatham, State Normal School, Bridgewater.

Baltzly, A., '12, Burr, Hudson, Hudson H. S.

Barron, S., Jr., '14, Henry Bromfield Rogers, Chelsea, Chelsea H. S.

Bassett, E. G., '12, Bowditch, South Dennis, Harwich H. S.

Blacke, S. F., '13, Clement Harlow Condell, Stoughton, Stoughton H. S.

Bolling, R. H. '12, Harvard College, New York, N. Y., Private Tutor.

Bool, T. D., '14, Daniel A. Buckley, Cambridge, Cambridge L. S.

Bowles, S. H., '12, Harvard College, Springfield, Phillips Andover Academy.

Brown, W. C., Jr., '14, Harvard College, Hartford, Conn., Hartford H. S.

Capen, W. H., '13, Harvard College, Newton, Newton H. S.

Carver, E. K., '14, Harvard College, Cambridge, Cambridge L. S.

Chadbourn, R. W., '12, Bowditch, Melrose, Melrose H. S.

Clark, J. H., '14, Harvard College, Burlington, Vt., Private Tutor.

Clark, N. M., '12, Burr, Cleveland, O., Cleveland East H. S.

Coggeshall, T., '13, Clement Harlow Condell, Allston, Boston L. S.

Cohen, E. T., '14, Bowditch Cambridge Boston L. S.

Dahl, D., '12, Bright, Roxbury, Mechanic Arts H. S., Boston.

Daly, J. A., '12, Harvard College, Cambridge, Cambridge L. S.

Davis, G. P., '14, George and Elizabeth H. Fisher, Waltham, Waltham H. S.

Douglas, A. D., '14, Harvard College St. Louis, Mc., University School, St. Louis.

Douglas, C. G., '12, Harvard College, Salt Lake City, Utah, Salt Lake H. S.

Dow, M. S., '13, Morey Willard Buckminster, Newtonville, Newton H. S.

Eager, H., '12, Harvard College, Marseilles, France, Georgetown University, Washington, D. C.

Earle, C. C., Jr., '12, Bowditch, Roxbury, Roxbury L. S.

Eliot, S. A., Jr., '13, Harvard College, Cambridge, Browne and Nichols School.

Fay, R. D., '13, Harvard College, Boston, Dr. Colt's School, Munich, Germany.

Fenn, W. O., '14, John Appleton Haven, Cambridge, Cambridge L. S.

Files, R. A., '12, Harvard College, Roxbury, Roxbury H. S.

Fremont-Smith, M., '12, Harvard College, Washington, D. C., Groton.

Gannett, L. s., '13; Harvard College, Rochester, N. Y., East H. S. Rochester

Gilday, W. H., Class of 1817, Brockton, Brockton H. S.

Goethals, T. R., '12, Harvard College, Culebra, Panama, University School, Washington, D. C.

Goodwin, T. G., '13, Bassett, Jamaica Plain, Boston L. S.

Hanson, A. W., '13, Class of 1856, Boston, Boston L. S.

Harlow, R. L., '12, Bowditch, Cambridge, State Normal School, Bridgewater.

Harrington, H. B., '13, Harvard College, Buffalo, N. Y., Amherst College.

Harris, L. H., '14, Dana of the Class of 1852, Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury H. S.

Harwood, J. H., '14, 1-2 Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar, Littleton, Concord H. S.

Hatch, V., '14, Harvard College, Heber City, Utah, Salt Lake City H. S.

Heard, J., '12, Harvard College, Boston, Groton.

Heller, N. A., '12, Harvard College, Dorchester, Boston E. H. S.

Hertell, F. T., '13, Class of 1856, Lewiston, Me., Phillips Exeter Academy.

Hewitt, W. N., '14, Sales, West Medway, Medway H. S.

Hodges, J. H., '14, Bowditch, Mansfield, Mansfield H. S.

Holbrook, R. H., '14, Bowditch, Pittsburg, Pa., Pittsburg H. S.

Holmes, C. E., '13, Selwyn L. Harding, Somerville, Somerville E. H. S.

Hornicek, Jr., '13, Bowditch, Albion, Pa., Mt. Hermon School, Mt. Hermon.

Houghton, C. W., '13, Class of 1856, Norwell, Private Tutor.

Howe, W. S., '13, C. L. Jones, Somerville, Somerville L. S.

Hubbell, F. W., '13, Harvard College, Des Moines, Iowa, West Des Moines H. S.

Jobin, A. J., '13, C. L. Jones, Somerville, Somerville L. S.

Josephs, H. W., '14, Harvard College, Newport, R. I., Groton.

Kennedy, W. H. J., '12, Harvard College, Boston, Boston L. S.

Klein, A., '14, Bowditch, Chelsea, Chelsea H. S.

Ladoo, R. H., '14, Sales, Leominster, Leominster H. S.

Lafferty, R. T., '12, Harvard College, Cleveland, O., Cleveland Central H. S.

Landerholm, C., '14, Walcott, La Center, Wash., self-prepared.

Levine, H., '13, Thomas W. Clarke, Boston, Boston E. H. S.

Libbman, E. M., '12, Harvard College, Dorchester, Everett H. S.

Lorenz, J., '14, Benjamin D. Greene, Delphi, Pa., Perkiomen Seminary, Pennsburg, Pa.

Lorenz, K., '12, Burr, Delphi, Pa., Phila-

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