Description of This Year's Volume, Which is Published by Student Council.

The Harvard University Register at 50 cents a copy, will be put on sale at both stores of the Co-operative Society, at Amee's, and at Kent's University Book-store next Wednesday morning.

The Register is published by the Student Council and consists of over 400 pages of reading matter, containing a complete record of every phase of University life and activity. President Lowell has written the introduction, and in it explains the purpose of the book and the Student Council. The book is divided into twelve parts, each dealing with a separate department of college organization and interest. Chief among its features is the complete classification of all the social, registered, and preparatory school clubs in the University, as this is the first time that any definite attempt has been made to keep an accurate record of these organizations together with the lists of their officers and members. By "registered clubs" it is meant not social, athletic, or editorial organizations, but scientific, linguistic, cultural, musical, debating, speaking and territorial clubs, amounting to about 60 in all. The section on social organizations contains the lists of the 30 social clubs and fraternities, and the preparatory school section includes the 23 school clubs in the University.

Other new features in this year's Register will be a directory by dormitories, both College and private, and a geographical College directory. In the latter the undergraduates are arranged under the town or city of the state, or country, from which they come. Another part of the book is given up to "Representative Interests". This section deals with the Student Council, its officers, sub-committees, and constitution, and the class officers, holders of honors and academic distinctions in 1910-11, and other matters of this nature. The Register also treats with the various publications in the University in much detail, giving the editors of each paper, its purpose, and explaining how the competition for editorship is held in each case of the nine publications, six undergraduate, two alumni, and one law.

The other four parts of the Register are given up to the Faculty, alumni associations, religious and philanthropic interests, and athletics. This last section contains the make-up of the various athletic teams and their records. In the case of the four major sports, the records with Yale are given from the time when the first athletic relations were established between the two universities.