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In the annual indoor athletic meet held under the auspices of the Second Division of the Connecticut Naval Militia in the State Armory at Hartford, Conn., Tuesday evening, February 21, the University two-mile relay team was defeated by the team of the University of Pennsylvania by two inches in the fast time of 8 minutes, 21 1-5 seconds. Spiked shoes were not allowed, and the members of the University team were greatly handicapped by being obliged to run in shoes entirely unfitted for the slippery floor and upraised corners. P. Newton '11, the first runner for the University team, slipped at the start, and Bodley took the pole and held it to the finish, winning from Newton by about 5 yards. H. P. Lawless '13 ran against Paull, of Pennsylvania, the holder of the intercollegiate record for the mile. Lawless made up the distance and gave H. M. Warren '13, the third runner for the University team, enough lead to get the pole. Warren, and Church, the third man for Pennsylvania, ran very evenly, but Warren led at the finish and enabled H. Jaques, Jr., '11, to take the pole at the beginning of the last relay. Boyle, Pennsylvania's last runner, passed him on the first lap, but Jaques resumed the lead on the second. Boyle again passed Jaques and held the lead for the third and fourth laps. On the straightaway of the last lap, Jaques made a desperate effort to catch Boyle, and in the last 20 yards got the pole, and the two struck the tape almost together, Boyle winning by a matter of two or three inches.

The University team ran as follows: 1, P. Newton '11; 2, H. P. Lawless '13; 3, H. M. Warren '13; 4, H. Jaques, Jr., '11.

The University of Pennsylvania team ran as follows: 1, J. W. Bodley; 2, W. C. Paull; 3, H. Church; 4, M. E. Boyle.

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