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Work for all members of the University baseball squad will begin on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. At that time everyone eligible for the team whether "H" men or members of second teams will report to Coach Sexton in the Cage. Also all men who last year received their Freshman numerals, and have not yet joined the squad will be called out. Until the squad can go outdoors, the practice will continue to consist of batting and fielding work in the Cage.

Second Cut in Baseball Squad.

As a result of the second cut in the University baseball squad, all the battery candidates, and the following fielding candidates are retained: S. C. Bennett, Jr., '12, R. M. Blackall '12, F. G. Blair '13, N. C. Bolton '12, W. V. Booth, Jr., '13, H. G. Borchardt '13, W. M. Conant, Jr., '12, J. H. Coon '13, M. Corcoran '11, E. J. Flint, Jr., '12, F. C. Holbrook '13, J. A. Hovey '12, R. F. Long '13, A. J. Lowrey '13, J. Simpkins '13, J. L. Stebbins '12, J. A. Sullivan '13, A. H. Tomes '13, R. B. Wigglesworth '12, E. S. Winston '12, A. F. Winter '13.

Cut in 1914 Fielding Candidates.

As the result of a cut in the Freshman baseball squad the following fielding candidates have been retained: S. Adams, S. Avery, F. H. Blackman, L. Beckitt, C. W. Bullard, P. L. Cable, W. M. Carson, Jr., W. H. Chatfield, M. W. Cole, C. A. Connor, C. W. Curtis, J. C. Devereux, E. Dodd, W. Faulkner, H. G. Franke, E. Graham, G. Grant, R. S. Grinnell, W. E. Griffiths, Jr., J. L. Handy, F. B. Harvey, E. R. Hastings, W. H. Hoogs, H. A. Horgan, J. F. Hubbard, Jr., S. B. Hyde, R. Kettell, A. Kayser, R. H. Magwood, E. H. Marrett, J. A. Milholland, J. R. O. Perkins, P. K. Randall, W. W. Rice, W. S. Sagar, L. Saltonstall, E. R. Schiller, W. L. Williams, D. J. P. Wingate, E. H. Wiswall. There has been no cut in the battery squad.

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