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The intercollegiate track games will be held at Soldiers Field on Friday and Saturday, May 26 and 27. This decision was reached at the meeting of the Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletes of America, held Saturday at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York. The vote resulted 11 to 6 in favor of Soldiers Field. Syracuse University, which was indorsed by the last annual meeting of the association and considered by a meeting of the executive board held Friday night, as a place for the meet, was rejected because of certain objectionable peculiarities of its track.

Changes in Regulations.

The proposed change in the rules of the association barring freshmen from spring meets was defeated by a vote of 11 to 7. A rule was adopted forbidding any student from competing at more than four annual games. The following amendment submitted by Columbia was adopted: "No one shall represent any college or university as a competitor in the annual field meeting or cross-country run who has won a first, second, third, or fourth place in the annual field meeting or cross-country run while representing any other college or university, which is, or within four years prior thereto has been, a member of this association." The rules of the Amateur Athletic Union governing relay races were accepted almost in their entirety. Contestants in the broad jump were voted an unlimited run, but the take-off must be from behind the scratch line, which was defined as the outer edge of a joist eight inches wide, set firmly in and on the same level with the ground. A new paragraph was added to article 23 of the Law of Athletics, as follows: "A competitor knocking down three or more hurdles or any portion of three or more hurdles in a race, shall be disqualified. A competitor who fouls his leg or foot alongside any hurdle shall be disqualified."

Election of Officers.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Leslie Soule, Yale, president; J. F. Hyatt, New York University, secretary; A. H. Smith, Columbia, treasurer; H. M. Goets, Michigan, first vice-president; S. Hinckley, Brown, second vice-president; executive board, R. C. Floyd '11, Harvard; H. M. Rankin, Princeton; A. M. Roberts, Cornell; S. E. Williams, Pennsylvania.

The University was represented at the meeting by R. C. Foster '11, captain of the track team, and R. C. Floyd '11, manager of the team.

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